Wireless Fujitsu keyboards: A Hacker’s Paradise, Is it true?

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The security researchers of Germany had discovered blemish in the Fujitsu keyboard LX901.

Due to this issue, the hackers can gain access to the computer of the victim and then they can purloin the personal information with the help of malware. The personal information includes passwords, credentials, credit card details, etc.

The researchers of the firm SySS discovered this issue. They concluded that with the help of the USB dongle the wireless keyboard communicates with the computer and in this way, they send the data. Hence, this USB was insecure.

The Fujitsu keyboard is dependent on the 2.5 GHz range of radio communication. The researcher also discovered that not only do the mouse and the keyboard which uses AES-128 cryptography send information, but the USB dongle is also accepting encrypted messages which it receives from unauthentic devices.

To explore how vulnerability can be exploited, a significant security consultant Tom Van de Wiele at cybersecurity Firm F-Secure told us about the bestvpn.com:

 “The attacker could type out code or a program that can then be executed to connect the computer to the attacker’s infrastructure and take over the computer, e.g., the attacker injects “push on start button,” “type cmd and executed command ABC.”

“As the list of attack prerequisites is quite high, the probability of this being exploited on a massive scale is low and certainly not the lowest hanging fruit but still possible. In some cases, it can be interesting for a targeted attacker with the physical presence, e.g., think about unmanned and unlocked computer based cash registers in shops, receptionist or hotel PCs and other unmanned and potential unlocked workstations.”

Mathias Deeg who is a lead researcher was granted with five months to discover a solution to the problem of Fujitsu keyboard. He made a record for searching a solution for up to five months, and the results were lately published last month.

Hence, the solutions are still not discovered by anyone. Therefore, to protect yourselves from the hackers, you are only suggested to keep your USB dongles far away from all the radio-based attackers. You should be aware of these radio-based attackers.

The chances of risk increase for business because they might have more than one such keyboard. The possibility of such cyber attacks is likely to happen.

Cyber Security Expert Jaron Niemelä warned:

In general, it is a perfect idea to avoid wireless devices, be that mouse or a keyboard, as basically all receivers are universal, and can pass both mouse and keyboard events. So even if you think you have a wireless mouse, it is very likely that the attacker can send keystrokes over it. If one absolutely wants to use a wireless mouse or keyboard, use relative’s new Bluetooth devices. Unlike these proprietary protocols, especially latest versions of Bluetooth are about as secure as wireless can be.”

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