Will New Speakers Make My Car Louder?

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Will New Speakers Make My Car Louder?

Listening to music while driving can make your journey more interesting. The music system is an integral part of a car. It may not have an impact on your destination, but many commuters can’t go without it.

However, what matters is getting the louder and clear sound. The factory system that comes with your car may not reach its full potential. So, after purchasing a new car, there comes a dilemma.

That is, will new speakers make my car louder?

Yes, it will, unless your car includes a factory system from renowned brands like Bose, THX, etc. But, these types of high-end sound system usually comes with luxury models.

In addition to this, some people tend to spend a bunch of money on top-line hardware. That is not possible for all. Luckily, there are some tweaks and upgrades you can try to make your car speakers louder. Check them below.

Will New Speakers Make My Car Louder?

Indeed. There are some ways to get the best quality sound from your car audio system. So, where to start? Take a look.

· Upgrade Your Car Speakers

The first and most obvious step that you can try is upgrading your existing car speakers. Upgrading the factory speakers are certainly the bang for the buck. Even the factory speakers from the premium brand are not sufficient.

So, replacing them can make a huge difference between producing the actual sound. You can replace the factory speakers with premium-quality aftermarket speakers.

It’s a plug-and-play type task. Here you need to take away the old one and drop in the new one.  But, the new speakers should be compatible with the basic type and dimension of the factory speakers.

· Add an Amplifier

The factory audio system in most cars is overgeneralized. Upgrading it by adding components like amplifiers can be an excellent way to get better audio. An amplifier can supply extra power to your car audio system.

They amplify the electrical signal to transform the quality of the audio. It not only makes the sound louder but also adds control to the speaker. Adding an external amplifier is essential when you have component speakers, tweeter, or subwoofer.

Along with the amplifier, you should invest in high-quality cables and wires. The cheap one will starve the amplifier for power. Also, you may need a line output converter to connect with the factory system.

· Upgrade Your Head Unit

It is always worth considering the upgrade the head unit in your car’s stereo system. Particularly when your head unit is getting a bit long in the tooth, also, if you are fond of digital music, you should consider upgrading your head unit.

Another reason to consider it is if your car won’t have a built-in high-quality DAC. A high-quality head unit will allow the digital audio conversion from your phone to the car’s stereo. Make sure to get head units that have a USB connection.

So, you can link your phone or MP3 player to your car stereo via USB. It makes sure the head unit correctly reads data and converts it to an audio signal. Also, you can download your favourite songs through a leading MP3 downloader.

· Adding a Subwoofer

Then, you may want to add a subwoofer and enclosure to the car stereo system. It will make a noticeable upgrade to your car. With a subwoofer, the low frequencies will deliver deep rich tones.

Indeed, your car audio will never sound the same again. You can discover the notes that were non-existent before.

· Car Sound Deadening

Thus far, you have upgraded the speakers, add an amplifier, upgrade the head unit, and add a subwoofer. Now it’s time to consider the severe environment of your car. Your car is nothing but a tin can. It vibrates and produces noise that affects the quality of car audio.

Here, the sound deadening material comes handy to reduce the road noise. It prevents the metal door from interfering with the music. Sound deadening materials like Dynamat can absorb the vibration if installed correctly. 

Also, Dynamat can create a stable platform to support the speakers. You don’t have to turn the volume up to hear the sound loudly. With a car sound deadening material installed in your car, you can enjoy music even at high speed.

· Upgrade the Factory Radio

Upgrading the factory radio can also work. Some car comes with a built-in factory radio that is difficult to change. Check whether you can change your car factory radio.

If you can, drop the line output converters. Get a premium-quality factory radio with RCA outputs. It will give you a louder signal that goes to the amps.

·  Use High-Resolution Audio

Sometimes you can hear the poor sound because of overly-compressed music files. The poor source of audio can be an issue. So, the solution is to use the less-compressed and larger music files.

To Sum UP!

All these are possible solutions to your question, will new speakers make my car louder! You can try any of them or all to get a crisper and louder sound. Our last piece of advice, try to avoid extreme boosts in the system.

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