Why a Government Office Needs a Visitor Management System?

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Why a Government Office Needs a Visitor Management System?

Do government organizations need a visitor management system or VMS? The answer to this question is a big – Yes. When it comes to government work, a lot of protection is required. Why? The answer is simple. Government officials deal with a lot of sensitive and confidential documents. Hence, the loss of such important documents can put a lot of things at stake. 

To keep the documents safe and for keeping a tab on the movement of employees, introducing an iLobby Visitor Management System for Government Offices is essential. The VMS is perfect to track employees and prevent intruders from entering into any restricted area. It can help in many ways.

Embracing Visitor Management Solutions

In this present situation, government organizations should do away with the paper check-in options; rather, they should embrace VMS solutions. The reasons being, traditional receptions are not only outdated, but it is also not safe. 

Follow the rest of the post, and you will get to know why government organizations should integrate visitor management systems into their process.

Need To Introduce A VMS

A visitor management system is known to keep a check on the people who are entering the premises and even provide a lot of useful information.

Tracking Visitors

Well, assigning security personnel just outside the government office is not enough for tracking or restricting the flow of visitors. At this point, the need of a visitor management system comes into play. With a VMS, any government office or premise is free from intruders. For instance, through the VMS, one can tell for how much time a visitor stayed inside, or whom the visitor is going to meet, and more.

How VMS Are Helping Guests?

Well, most of the visitor management system comes with pre-installed software for easy check-in. The check-in system which is installed at the reception desks allows the guest to check-into the premise by pre-registering their name. The apps could be downloaded on the devices and visitors can pre-register their names. Hence, a seamless check-in is guaranteed.

On the other end, security personnel and the admin team of visitor management software gets a complete detail of the visitors. The details are stored in the dashboard and it could be referred to as and when needed. On top of that, every movement of the visitor could be tracked by the security staff of the government premises.

How The Visitor Management Software Works?

The working process of VMS like iLobby Visitor Management System for Government Offices is pretty simple. Once the visitor enters the basic details, such as name, address, phone number, driving license details, host name, etc into the system, a notification is given to the host. It contains all details about the visitor. After that, the visitor is issued a printed badge from the VMS. This reduces the chance of usual threats, like robbery. After all, there is no place for fake entries. Only authorized personnel can enter the premise by showing the badge.

Doesn’t a system like VMS sound interesting? Yes, it does. Now, let’s take a look into the benefits of introducing a visitor management software.

Benefits of Integrating Visitor Management Software

Tracking Visitors

Most government organizations face the issue of tracing visitors when they are in the premises. Taking note of every visitor’s movement is nearly impossible. For this reason, a tool like VMS is helpful. Apart from storing data, it can record the movement of visitors on a real-time basis. In case, of emergency, the visitor can be tracked and escorted out to safety.

Security Tighten

Government organizations face a lot of threats. With iLobby Visitor Management System for Government Offices, the security level can be greatly increased. It is designed to equip security guards and government officials to allow or restrict visitors based on their threat level. Many visitors loiter within the premise even if their job is done. With a visitor management system, such activities could be restricted.

Reliable Data Access

Government organizations usually record visitor details in a register. However, the problem is that registers can get lost or visitors can enter false information. The visitor management system has done away with such issues. A visitor needs to provide a valid ID proof, phone number and other details. All details are saved in a database of the software. The data remains safe and can be accessed at any point of time.

Smooth Check-In

A VMS like iLobby Visitor Management System for Government Offices can easily overcome all kinds of operational challenges. The software has been designed in such a way that it allows professional check-in process. In fact, the check-in process is much smoother than the manual registration check-in process.

During the traditional paper check in, a person had to wait till the receptionist notified the respective personnel of the organization with whom the visitor has a meeting. This caused excessive wait time for the visitors. 

However, with the integration of visitor management software, any government organization will already know from beforehand about the visitor and their time of visit, and whom they would be meeting. This, in turn, improved the wait time and user experience, as no one would need to wait for long hours.

Government organizations that care about the safety of their staff and the premise should go for it. So, hurry! Find a trusted iLobby Visitor Management System for Government Offices today. 

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