What are Quality Backlinks? Definition and Importance

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What are Quality Backlinks? Definition and Importance

Have you launched a website and want to rank it higher in the search results? Well, we all want the same. To get this, you have to focus on a few factors in your SEO strategies. Getting quality backlinks is one of them.

You may face a few shady SEO consultants who claim to rank your page top in the search engines quickly. Do not get surprised if you found backlinks from some spammy websites. They are definitely not the backlink quality you are looking for. 

What are Quality Backlinks?

A quality backlink should come from quality sites that are trusted by the searcher as well as by the search engines. Moreover, the link needs to be from web pages with higher domain authority.

From an SEO point of view, if you want something to link to your website, it needs to be better than yours. Yes, if you can get a backlink from a higher ranked website with quality content, it is a high-quality backlink.

You may be asking yourself how to get quality backlinks for my site. We have some killer tips at the end; however, it is essential to know why quality backlinks are so relevant.

Is Good Quality, Backlinks Good or Bad?

Many SEO tweaks can float your site on the first page of the search engine: however, most of them are shady. Quality link building strategy is one of the most sustainable SEO strategies.

An excellent quality backlink will go a long way to rank your site and build confidence among the viewers. Link building is a pure white hat strategy that requires generating quality content, engagement in the social media platforms, and good communications.

If you can monitor backlinks regularly, use the broken links to reroute traffic, and maintain a backlink profile, there can be a success.

On the contrary, getting a high-quality link is both times consuming and requires a lot of research and development. Therefore, the approach could be counterproductive for newer sites.

Just think about getting backlinks from Forbes or Success. Do you think it will be easy for a newbie? Not at all. Thus, there will always be a grey area about whether you should go for backlink building from high authority sites or start working with the low0ranked ones.

What is the importance of Quality Backlinks?

Create quality backlinks free is not easy. They take a lot of time. Nevertheless, backlinks have some essential importance to promote your web sites and business.


As a website owner, the last thing you will expect is a backlink from an irrelevant site. If you have a kitchen and home site and get a backlink from an auto repair blog post, it doesn’t make any sense.

The niche of your site and the linking pages need to be the same or relevant. It creates trust and a contextual connection. Both the searchers and search engines find it great for your pieces of content.

Domain Authority

What if Robert Downey Jr. talks about your business in an interview? You will be flooded with clients within minutes. The same goes for backlinks from a high authority domain.

If you get an opportunity to link your website from a page high in the SERP results, there will be a flood of organic traffic.

Organic Traffic

If a viewer clicks the anchor text that has a link to your website, you are getting organic traffic. The more traffic means higher trustworthiness and eventually domain authority. Moreover, it will also increase the number of visitors.

It is crucial to place the links on such a place that people can see and click. A footer link on a high authority website can be highly effective. However, multiple footer links can penalize you.


Think about a high authority website that is linking our site only, not any of your competitors. That would be the example of a high-quality backlink. If you can publish a guest post in an authoritative domain and can connect your site there, you are far ahead from your competitors.

You can consider conference or expo websites that are relevant to your business or services. Not all of your rivals will be there, and it will give you an upper hand.


Backlinks indicate you have excellent quality content on your site, and people love to visit them even from high authority sites. Thus, to create quality backlinks free of cost, you have to generate high-quality content and increase engagement on other platforms.

Sam is a professional content marketer that loves to share her knowledge by publishing blogs online. She has spent the last five years in offering digital marketing services to many leading brands. Also, she is an avid reader and gamer who loves to try new video games with her friends.

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