Unique Ways to Repurpose Stools in Your Home

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Repurpose Stools

Stools have become popular furniture pieces often used to complement high counters and kitchen islands. They function similarly to chairs but tend to offer a different visual impact and comfort for people who sit on them. Homeowners and business owners can likewise enjoy a range of decorating opportunities as they can select from different designs, heights, materials, and the like. What many do not realise is that stools can also be extremely versatile and can be used for multiple purposes within a home, office, or any space.

While a stool undeniably gives off a sleek and modern vibe that suits kitchens and bars, they can also serve as a welcome addition to other areas. If you have some old stools lying around or want to inject some creativity into decorating your home or office, you can certainly find a way to use stools differently. To get you inspired, here are some ideas on other things you can do with stools. You never know, one of these may get you excited to start on a new home improvement project.

Pet Bowl Holder

If you noticed that your little pet companions at home have started to grow bigger, it might be harder for them to bend down to drink or eat through pet bowls on the floor. To remedy this problem, you can take out some stools and remove a section large enough to serve as a bowl holder. Before you know it, you have your old stools repurposed into something functional, and you can also provide more comfort for your furry friends.

Plant Stand

Indoor plants can be quite tricky to deal with since you never know where to place them. For smaller plants, leaving them on the ground may look awkward or hide their beauty, but placing them on the windowsill might overexpose them to sunlight. If you have been pacing around thinking about this, using stools as plant stands may be just the answer for you. Find a stool with the optimum height so that you can place them in an ideal location.

Shoe Box

Another way to repurpose stools is to convert them into shoe storages, which you can place near a door entrance for easy access. For this, all you have to do is remove the stool’s cushion and put a basket in its place. If you are particular about matching your furniture to your home decoration, you can easily repaint or redecorate the stool the way you want it.

Bathroom Rack

Having a clean space to put your towels, hangers or clothing can be useful for the bathroom, especially since you do not want them to get wet. If you lack space to hold these items, you can use a stool as a bathroom rack to store toiletries or clothing while in the shower. Using a spindle chair can be particularly suitable for this purpose since you can cut out the back and put it under the seat to serve as a towel hanger.

Jewellery Hanger

Have you ever thought of repurposing an old chair into a jewellery hanger? At first thought, this may sound absurd, but do not dismiss the idea immediately. If you have a metal or wooden chair with many holes in the back, you can use that portion to stick your earrings. Hang the back of the chair to spare space in your wall, and place a mirror near it, so you can easily pick up a pair of earrings and try it on the go.

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