7 Proven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

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7 Proven Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook is one social media platform that is still going strong despite the rise of its competitors. It has not faded into the background and comes up with new features daily to beat the competition. And when it comes to business pages on Facebook, their success largely depends on a couple of factors such as likes, shares, page reach, etc. In this article, we will focus majorly on one factor and that is the number of likes your page is receiving. We will share some tips that will help you to get more Facebook likes.

Importance of Likes on Facebook

Likes are your first impression on Facebook. They show the audience how well-received your page is. They create a positive word of mouth for your page. Likes are quite helpful in gaining more followers and engagement on your page. Hence, it is essential to learn how to get more Facebook likes. Knowing this information can make or break your social media page.

Top Well-Researched Ways to Gain More Facebook Likes

1. Work on your timing

Posting your content at the appropriate time is of utmost importance. People mostly use social media in their leisure time, either after work, on weekends, while they are commuting, or before sleep. Use tools and available Facebook features to find out when most of your audience is active. Finding out their active hours helps your content to get better reach. The timing of your posts determines the number of news feeds it will feature in the top posts. The more people see your posts and do not miss them, the more you will get likes on your posts and page. Also, the frequency of your posts should be consistent. The frequency should neither be too high nor too low. Keep your audience entertained and try not to overwhelm or bore them. You can also use automation tools for the same.

2. Use photos and videos

There is a saying that is something along the lines of “a picture speaks a thousand words”. So, instead of the same old text posts, share images. Make your posts easy to remember by incorporating photos in them. Posts with video content are the most well-received posts on Facebook. People enjoy video content and share them with their friends. This gives your posts more reach and likes. Just make sure to upload photos and videos of good quality. Use the 360-degree feature to upload attractive videos and images. Reels are also a good idea to share short video content. Facebook stories are also a great way to share what is going on in your business. And the best feature that Facebook offers is live videos.

3. Facebook Groups

Create a group on Facebook and make sure it is active. Ask questions and keep your followers engaged. A group involving people who are active in the same market as yours is a good place to be. If creating a group is proving troublesome for you, join a group that also caters to the same niche. You can host events in your groups and connect with more people through these events. Also, encourage people to introduce themselves by mentioning their names, locations, work, etc. This will build conversation chains, and people will start interacting more in your group.

4. Engage with followers

Everyone likes to feel heard and seen. When your followers are taking out time from their precious schedules to like and comment on your posts, it is your duty to respond to their comments. Your followers must not feel neglected. Open your comment section and try responding to as many comments as you can. You can also send them automated messages but they would not have your personal touch. Appreciate their positive comments, try to resolve their queries, and do not engage in verbal altercations with negative commenters. Make your audience feel special.

5. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are kind of mini-celebrities on social media. Collaborating with them will bring your page and posts more likes. These influencers will bring more followers to your page. You should follow influencers and make sure to like and comment on their posts. This in turn will make their followers take notice of you and they will check out your page. And who knows, you might gain some new followers and likes.

6. Invite people

Invite everyone whomever you have even a slight connection with. Invite your friends and family. Invite your colleagues, acquaintances, and employees. Invite them all to like your page. Send invites through broadcast messages on Facebook Messenger. Use emails to send invites. You can also use your newsletter as invitation cards. Do invite your followers from your other social media platforms who are not following you on Facebook. Use a like button on your website which when clicked takes your users to your Facebook page.

7. Contests and giveaways

Hosting contests and giveaways is another great option that can rake in likes on your Facebook page. You can host contests and invite your followers to participate and offer them discount codes and prizes if they win. Giveaways also attract an audience because let us be honest, who does not love a freebie? Contests and giveaways bring in more hits on your page as participants are keen to check out the results. Also, ask them to share the links of contests with their friends. This will bring in more likes on your page.

We hope these well-researched tips will help you out in your journey to gaining Facebook likes. If you have tried organic methods and are ready to use paid ones, we have just the right tool for you. Use Buy Quality Links to purchase genuine likes. It is a great tool with relevant purchase options according to your budget. You need not worry about being scammed. This is a legit social media growth tool. Give these tips and tools a try and get ready to count the number of likes your page and posts will be flooded with.

Sam is a professional content marketer that loves to share her knowledge by publishing blogs online. She has spent the last five years in offering digital marketing services to many leading brands. Also, she is an avid reader and gamer who loves to try new video games with her friends.

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