All About Aquaman 2: Release Date, Cast And Other Updates

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Aquaman 2

After the release of Aquaman in 2018, it became the most famous DC film ever which surprised everyone. After the announcement, Warner Bros and DC claimed to launch a sequel, Aquaman 2, soon, but it was officially confirmed in February 2019.

Aquaman became so famous and earned above $1.1 billion after its extraordinary act. The movie performed amazingly besides at this time it will certainly show more of Arthur Curry’s as Jason Momoa.

People are still wondering whether James Wan is going to come back as director in Aquaman 2. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick co-wrote the first part. But Wan claimed after the first film that he will not come back in the second. Let us wait and see whether he will direct the movie again or not.   

The Release of Aquaman 2

According to Warner Bros, they would release the second film on 16th December 2022. This means the sequel will launch after four years in the cinemas. The date is precisely a week nearer to Christmas while Aquaman’s last year release was on December 15. As this time, the movie is again hitting the cinemas during the Christmas holidays; therefore, there are more chances for it to become a monster size hit.

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2020 is already a year full of incredible DC movies. Wonder Woman 1984 is one awaited movie which will release in 2020. Not to forget, Cathy Yan’s amazing Birds of Prey (and One Harley Quinn’s Fantastic Emancipation) is also round the corner. Matt Reeves The Batman and James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 are also blockbusters which will release until December 2022 and will get special attention. These amazing hits would help us wait for Aquaman 2 releasing in 2022.

The Cast Of Aquaman 2: Who Would You See Again?

Again we will get a chance to see the key players in the second sequel including Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Willem Dafoe (Vulko), Patrick Wilson (Orm), Nicole Kidman (Atlanna), Yahya Abdul Mateen (Black Manta) and Dolph Lundgren (Nereus).

Momoa hoped for a sequel before even the release of the first movie. People are still confused whether Julie Andrews is going to come back as Karathen in the second sequel.


Right after the Justice League in 2017, Arthur saw him challenge using his brother-turned-foe Orm in order to declare his fortune as the King of Atlantis.

Keen to declare combat between individuals directly above and beneath the sea level, Orm appealed Black Manta to look after his habitation above the Ocean Master, the additional underwater Kings. The expectation is that Arthur, always reluctant to recognise his obligation, take over his half-brother as the lawful King. It destined getting hold of the lost Trident of Atlan. This was prehistoric ammunition that merely the real King of the sea would acquire. By the acquisition of this, Arthur would gain all the support and become dominant. He would undoubtedly intimidate the entire world and set against Orm.

As we saw in the post-credits scene, Black Manta was on the road to recovery and swore his revenge. This makes it evident that in the next sequel, we will see Black Manta asking vengeance for Aquaman’s wrongdoings.

Right now, we can only wait for the upcoming sequel and tell that Aquaman would surprise us once again with its extraordinary performance. But i’m sure you will love to watch Aquaman 2.

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