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One of the most popular VPN services in the world is VyprVPN. It is based in Switzerland, which is a very privacy-friendly place. VyperVPN has 700+ servers in around 70 locations. All of these are managed by the company, and no third parties are involved.

VyprVPN Homepage

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Some brilliant features include unlimited data usage, a zero-knowledge DNS service, a customized Chameleon protocol to help get through VPN blocking, and 24/7 customer support to keep the service running efficiently. The VPN can support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, along with routers, QNAP, Anonabox, Smart TVs and Blackphone.

One of the greatest things about this VPN is that you can get more than 50 tutorials to support you manually set up the service on Chromebooks, Linux, Blackberry, Synology NAS, AsusWRT, OpenELEC, Android and Apple TV, and via DD-WRT, OpenWRT and much more. Having that said, here is our VyprVPN review for the year to help you make the right investment.

Pricing Plans

VyprVPN offers four great and affordable plans. Most VPN services provide a free plan with restricted services and a paid plan that offers more services. VyprVPN is different in that they have numerous paid plans as distinct to a one-size-fits-all plan.

  • Monthly ($9.95)
  • Monthly Premium ($12.95)
  • VyprVPN Yearly ($5.00/mo)
  • VyprVPN Yearly Premium ( $6.67/mo)
Monthly Plan
Yearly Plan

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While the premium plan provides five simultaneous connections and Chameleon protocol. The basic subscription plan provides Unlimited data and Up to three connections.

Payment Options

VyprVPN allows payment with PayPal, AliPay, and major credit cards. When signing up, you’ll add your details but still won’t be billed till three days. This means that if the service is not suitable, then you can cancel anytime in between these three days, and you won’t be charged a penny. Also, we’d like to make it clear in this latest VyprVPN review that this VPN app also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Money Back VyprVPN


VyprVPN guards your confidentiality with robust support for the most exceptional VPN protocols and encryption, which include 256-bit OpenVPN on Windows, Mac and Android. VyprVPN also has Chameleon protocol. Which makes it more difficult for packet inspection systems to understand that you’re using a VPN.

VyprVPN Privacy

Individual clients have their privacy-protective technologies, too, including possibilities to guard against DNS leaks and bundled kill switches to decrease the chance of data leaks if the VPN connection fails.

Logging Policy

VyprVPN provides a privacy policy which is very clear, explaining that there’s zero logging of source or destination IP addresses, or stop times, user traffic or DNS requests. Which means you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen or kept by any other person.

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After performing a few tests, we can clearly state that VyprVPN is amongst one of the fastest services providers available. Nowadays, many VPNs claim to be fast; however, they are not. If you purchase a VPN and don’t get proper speed for downloading, then your money gets all wasted.

VyprVPN Compatibility

VyprVPN is well-suited with many platforms, which include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Similarly, you can also install the service on your routers and smart TVs.

VyprVPN Compatibility

It delivers one of the simplest user-interfaces to their users. As soon as you download the app, you can start using it after clicking a few buttons. By its settings menu, you can select your ideal protocols in seconds.

Client setup

Signing up to VyprVPN is secure, and once you’ve given over your data, the website shows you to Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps, along with a host of setup guides for further platforms.

Client Setup

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These aren’t just linked to files or app store pages. The VyprVPN site also offers you useful information on each app, including supported protocols, the minimum working system, and even a full changelog.

Client setup is up-front and follows the same procedure for every single VPN app you’ve ever installed.

You will first have to download and open the file, install the app, track the instructions, fill in your username and password and ready to go.

Skilled users should find it comfortable to set up other devices by hand. The Android app is obtainable as a plain APK file. The OpenVPN configuration files are also secure and a click away.

If you need some help, the website has around 50 tutorials to assist you manually set up the service on Chromebooks, Linux, OpenELEC, Android and Apple TV, and via DD-WRT, AsusWRT, OpenWRT and much more.

These guides are comparatively essential. Many are brief, with only the minimum of text, and no screenshots. They appear to cover the basics and should get you connected with minimal hassle.

VyprVPN Support

VyprVPN support begins on its site, where a knowledgebase offers setup instructions, troubleshooting guidance and specific advice for various device types. If still, you see any issues then you can call them any time round the clock and get excellent help from their knowledgeable representative. Whether the problem is regarding setup or troubleshooting, they always have an answer and solution. You would never feel disappointed with their customer care.

If you don’t feel like calling, then you can’t also email them. They usually reply promptly.

VyprVPN Supports Netflix

VyprVPN is one of the best VPN services that reliably provides access to a significant number of online streaming services. Especially the capability to unblock US Netflix and Netflix UK. Users can also watch BBC iPlayer abroad and the other UK services. This makes VyprVPN a perfect choice for people who want to unblock streams. This VPN will also enable you to get through YouTube videos that are controlled within your area.

VyprVPN for Netflix

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VyprVPN Review Summary

VyprVPN is a fast VPN  that bypasses a lot of compelling content worldwide. Also, VyprVPN offers clients with a diversity of useful features. Premium customers can get the best protocol Chameleon (stealth mode). VyprVPN’s features are:

Why VyprVPN

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  • No logs VPN
  • High levels of speed and safety
  • No third-party involvement in the service
  • 70+ server locations
  • Apps for all popular platforms
  • Worldwide server network
  • No restrictions or download caps
  • Unlimited switching of servers
  • High-end encryption & multiple protocols
  • Premium access to Chameleon
  • NAT firewall
  • 24/7 customer support

The most obvious thing about VyprVPN is their skill to offer you with the ultimate package when you combine all of their high-class features and proprietary technology.

VyprVPN Review – Final Verdict

VyprVPN is an excellent choice for those that search for an easy to use VPN for regular use. With servers that are available across the globe and a user-friendly interface, VyprVPN is an excellent option for VPN beginners. When purchased yearly, VyprVPN is not expensive, and if you are satisfied with just three simultaneous connections, the basic plan is a bargain.

Considering what you get in terms of privacy and security – VyprVPN can be regarded as excellent value for money. The fact that it unblocks services like Netflix US and BBC iPlayer is a testament to the reliability and performance of its service.

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