How Video Content Can Help Increase Footfall In Your Salon

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A video is a powerful tool. With a great script and good execution, you can persuade people, generate ideas, improve your business, uplift your brand, generate revenue, spark a revolution, bring in clientele, incite harmony, and the list goes on.

So, what makes video content such a powerful tool, and how will it help to increase footfall in your salon? Keep reading to find out!

1. Video Is A Powerful Stimulus

Video Marketing

Video stimulates both auditory as well as visual senses of the viewer. This makes it more impactful as it opens up more ways to spread and share your information or message and make it easier for the minds of your audience to process and understand what is being conveyed to them.

The art of persuasion is hard to master; developing video content makes that easy. You can bust myths that your audiences have about cosmetics and other services while providing accurate facts, so they lean more towards availing your services that benefit both the parties mutually. You can even persuade your viewers to avail of your salon services by showing them in actuality the benefits of salon treatments.

2. Make Your Presence Felt

We live in a digital world. Businesses today do not just get ahead of the competition by having a store and putting up posters around the area. Your salon should also have a social media presence.  

Keep churning out a lot of video content and post in as many social media platforms as possible. This is a great way to show the world that you are actively working for the betterment of the customers and your business. 

By creating professional-looking videos, your viewers will realize it is not a joke, and you mean serious business. A great way to improve on the professionalism of your videos is to incorporate intros and outros using a good intro outro maker available online.  

With millions of people active on social media at any given time and with over a billion hours of video consumption per day in just one platform like YouTube, online video marketing and advertising help you reach an audience far greater in number than regular advertisements.  

With advanced analytical and targeting tools, you can sponsor your ads online to the targeted audience so that not much of your investment goes in vain by reaching the people who are not potential customers. 

3. Interact and Engage with Your Customers 

Face-to-face interaction with every customer is impractical, although very advantageous. So, is there a solution to this problem? Yes, video content like live-streaming sessions on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other such platforms help you interact with your customers and boost their engagement with your brand.  

By personally interacting with your customers, you can gain invaluable insights into their needs and wants. You can then improve your salon products and services to cater to their requirements. This develops the quality of your relationship that your store has with its customers and increases customer satisfaction.  

When you provide the customers precisely what they want and expect, it immediately improves the revenue generation of your store and maximizes profits.  

Building trust is another benefit that comes along with incorporating video marketing into your business. When you show your customers that you care about their concerns, they will be more inclined to prefer to step into your salon over any of the other competitors.  

Through repetitive engagement with your customers, you can ensure that you do not only increase your customer base but are also actively retaining the old ones. Hence, customer retention is one more thing that you can achieve out of this.

4. Compete with Bigger Brands 

With the tools available online, your reach is not limited. You have the same opportunities to reach the audience like that of a competitor whose business is larger than yours.  

You can even make and edit videos that are on par with those made by much bigger brands. According to Statista, more than 80% of smartphones run on the Android operating system (OS). With a little bit of research, you can easily find the best android video editor, which enables you to edit videos to perfection right from the comfort of your handheld smartphone.  

A greater reach and more engagement will also improve your salon’s search engine ranking. This is one of the most significant competitive advantages you can have over your competitors when it comes to fetching business through online marketing. 

5. Educate Your Customers

Customers do not just want you to keep talking about your salon and its services. They also expect something that benefits them at no extra cost.  

So, what do you do? You give them the knowledge and educate them at the expense of something more valuable than a few pennies — their attention.  

When you capture the attention of people, that attention gives you a great return on investment (ROI) in the long run. And what better way to get attention and gain traction than through videos?  

Make videos such that you educate your audience in different fields such as cosmetics, skincare, and healthcare that relate to the realm in which your salon is based.  

Furthermore, people around the world will be aware of your brand. Bigger business can no more monopolize their products and services. Customers will know that your salon also offers great services and price tags that they can be comfortable with. 

6. Marketing without Spending a Penny

As you interact more with your customers, develop interpersonal relationships, and provide content to them that improves their knowledge and awareness. You can just sit back for a while and relax while the audience themselves market your business for you through online media sharing and word of mouth.  

Your audience will help your business grows when they trust you and feel connected to your brand on a personal level. They will share the videos among their friends and family who are looking to avail services and products from a good salon that fits their budget. 


These are just a few of the innumerable ways that will help your business grow to new heights and increase footfall in your salon. Start with these and see where the path takes you. Take charge from there and enjoy the success of your booming business. 

Asma is currently living up to her dream of becoming a psychologist. Apart from being a full time student, she loves to read books, comics and online blogs. In addition, to following all the latest TV shows she loves to write blogs and publish her experiences online.

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