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Vanuatu Islands

Vanuatu is not your typical tropical island overrun with tourists like Fiji and New Caledonia. This slice of paradise is still undiscovered by travelers which means you’ll get to truly enjoy everything this gorgeous location has to offer. Just four hours by plane from Australia, this group of Pacific Ocean islands is perfect for all who want to enjoy nature, relaxation and good food and drinks. Lately, Vanuatu also became a beloved student excursion destination. However, adventurers will simply adore Vanuatu—there are so many amazing things you can try your hand at and boost your adrenaline. If you’re up for an adventure, here are a few must-try activities in Vanuatu.

Go snorkeling


Thanks to excellent visibility, warm and calm water and many reefs surrounding every island, Vanuatu is one of the best places in the world for snorkelers. The reefs of Vanuatu are perfect for all experience levels—all you need to do is grab your mask and flippers, and you’re ready to dive in. If you stay at a good resort, you can wander into the water straight from the beach and get access to reefs and excellent snorkeling opportunities. While you’re in the water, you can also try various water sports and even post a letter in their underwater post office! Make sure to grab a waterproof camera to bring home some fantastic memories.

Dance at the DJ Festival

If you’re a party animal, don’t worry! Vanuatu is home to DJ Festival that hosts over 20 DJs ready to get you dancing until dawn. This is usually the favorite activity of all students who come visit the island, so if you’re young and wild, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded folks. If you’re graduating next year, book your fun schoolies 2020 and get ready to explore your destination and party like there’s no tomorrow! This is a one-in-the-lifetime experience, so make sure not to miss it.

Explore Vanuatu waterfalls

Ever seen a tropical waterfall? Even if you have, you haven’t lived until you experienced the Cascade Waterfalls of Vanuatu. This site is located just 15 minutes from Port Vila, so it’s perfect for a day adventure. Get ready to climb the waterfall, but once you finish your climb, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views. Make sure to bring your swimsuit and cool off in the water and even swim under the waterfall itself. The water is always clear, cool and very refreshing—perfect for a break from the tropical heat. A series of pools lead to a big drop, but the pools can be swum in and are accessible all year round. The view from the top of the waterfall is breathtaking, but even if you decide not to climb, you’ll love the experience and cooling waters of the pools.

Try your hand at kayaking

Ready to paddle in paradise? Mele Bay is a perfect starting point for a fun kayaking adventure. Your local guides will take you to desert islands, share stories and secrets of their culture and teach you many things about the environment. The scenery is picture-perfect wherever you turn and you can even get surprised by turtles and dolphins! This activity is suitable for all ages and you don’t need any kayaking experience to get the most out of your adventure.

Ride the waves


Not many people think of Vanuatu when talking about surfing, but this sport is trendy in Vanuatu. Even though the islands are full of amazing spots (even better than in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa), surfing is still in its infancy here, but now is the perfect time to get the waves almost entirely for yourself. If you’re willing to go chasing waves, you can find many locations with hollow waves and ideal surfing temperatures. Vanuatu has fantastic surfing conditions all year round, but the best time to hit the waves is probably between March and December. The wet season from December to April brings big swells but also an occasional cyclone, so pick your timing accordingly. If you’re looking for great surfing locations, visit Black Sand Beach, British Beach, Forari, Mangea Reefs, Port Resolutions and Pango Point—these are suitable for all surfers. However, if you know your way with the board, hit Breakas, Erakor, Pounders or Devils Point where waves are more aggressive.

Relax on a sailboat

If you want to relax yet still enjoy nature, the ocean and get amazing photo-opportunities, hop onboard a cruise boat or a catamaran. You’ll get the chance to see Moso Island, Pele Island, Nguna, Lelepa and many more destinations as dolphins speed alongside your boat. Get ready to see some breathtaking sunsets over the islands and even get a chance to dive at sites swerving with tropical fish and other marine life. On your way back, just relax and let the ocean gently rock you and sing its lullaby.

No matter if you prefer land or water adventures, Vanuatu will deliver. So, pack your bags and hit this still unexplored and unspoiled tropical paradise and have the time of your life!

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