How to Find the Right Underwear for Your Guy

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How to Find the Right Underwear for Your Guy

Whether it is for your boyfriend, father, or brother, it is a fact that the guys in your life need decent underwear. This is not a luxury but a daily necessity. However, if you’ve lived long enough with a man, you know that men’s underwear shopping, or maybe even shopping in general, is not their most favorite thing to do. Thankfully, retail therapy is your forte.

If you are sick and tired of seeing ratty briefs with loose garters and holes, now is the time to step up and make it your mission impossible to fill your guy’s underwear drawer with decent looking briefs. Since you feel affection for this person, you value what lies underneath, and you only want to get the best underwear possible. May it be briefs or boxers, here is how you can go on about buying this delicate piece of clothing that protects that family jewels.

Be Direct

If you don’t live with your man, you can ask him directly. This way, you’ll avoid wasting your hard-earned money on men’s underwear that doesn’t fit. Fit is crucial because the wrong underwear can ruin someone’s day. If you wish to give this as a surprise or a practical gift, and you happen to live with the guy in question, you can take a sneak peek in this closet to check the size. Don’t forget to examine his closet to know his preference. Some men like black boxers, while others prefer the traditional white briefs.

Do a Lifestyle Check

If you don’t have access to his underwear drawer, then consider his lifestyle. Does your guy like to go to the gym or play sports? You can make a command decision and buy moisture-wicking briefs that offer support. This way, he can engage in his activities without worrying about literal “bouncing balls.” This type of underwear also assures that he is comfortable. A pair or two of this should be a staple in any man’s closet. Your guy may even thank you later for letting him try something new.

Consider a Fun Gift

If you are in search of a distinct gift, funky underwear like boxers with fun prints may make your man smile. Whether it’s for your boyfriend or relative, this is bound to be a hit. If they don’t end up liking the design, they can always wear it to sleep. However, if you are buying it for your lover, you can up the ante and choose a racy gift like men’s thongs. You’ll never know, but this can make your bedroom love life even spicier.

Think About the Season

The weather also plays a crucial factor in the kind of knickers your man selects. Since summer is scorching, you need light and breathable materials to provide circulation for that sensitive area. It tends to get warm, so be mindful of this. During winter, a thicker fabric will help keep that cold from seeping in through his pants. Do keep in mind that no matter the season, you have to find the right fitting one because it is annoying to have ill-fitting underwear that hikes up the butt, giving a permanent wedgie.

Play with Color

Guys can be a creature of habit, so you will generally see the same color in their underwear drawer. It’s usually black, white, or grey. However, as the badass girl in his life, you can spice it up with a splash of color. Go for blues, greens, and reds. You can even add fun patterns to make your guy smile when he opens his knicker drawers.

Final Word

Whether you are buying briefs for your guy as a request, a gift, or surprise change because you are annoyed at holey looking rags, take the elements mentioned above into consideration. Knowing the fit and style preferences will help you in choosing staples. You can take it upon yourself to find unique pieces that make his underwear drawer pop. Happy shopping.

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