4 Types of Ransomware You Should Be Aware of and Must Avoid

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Computer malware can be annoying, and it does not matter whether you get it on your work computer or house laptop; it can cause you a lot of damage. While there are several different type of computer viruses out there, the one that can be highly dangerous is Ransomware. This virus comes in different shapes, and it can affect your computer significantly. Generally, Ransomware is a malware that attacks all the files on your computer and locks them. And to unlock the files, you have to pay a ransom to the attacker. If your computer has been infected with Ransomware, then the risk you are dealing with is very high, as you could end up losing all your data. People who spread Ransomware usually target small business, companies that have relevant data, law firms, and western markets as well. In this article, I have mentioned a few types of Ransomware that you should be aware of and must avoid at all costs:

Crypto Ransomware

This is a very dangerous type of ransomware attack as it encrypts all the files in the victim’s computer. Whether it is a video game, a movie file, or a text document, crypto-ransomware does not skip anything and can encrypt any sort of critical file in your computer. In 2017 a crypto-ransomware called WannaCry was leaked into the global network, and it attacked a lot of Windows-based computers in big companies. The only file the victims could see was a text file, in which the attacker shared the information about how much ransom they want and how they would like to get paid.

Locker Ransomware

Another dangerous type of Ransomware is lock ransomware. As the name suggests, this Ransomware locks the user out of their computer entirely. However, you can find Locker ransomware on the PC; you are more likely to get infected by it if you own an Android smartphone. This Ransomware kills absolutely all kinds of applications, and you would not be able to access anything.

Scareware Virus

Scareware installs automatically on your computer if you clicked on a compromised link. This virus pretends to be a malware cleaner, and it will keep telling you that Ransomware has infected your computer. It will give you details as well and will ask you to pay a specific amount of money to get rid of it. However, there would not be any actual ransomware on your pc. But Scareware is still dangerous as it can sometimes lock the user out of their computer, and it keeps showing unnecessary pop-ups as well.


This one is a type of Ransomware where your privacy is put at risk. Not only does it lock your files, but it also asks you to pay a ransom so the attacker will not post the stolen data online. This malware is also referred to as Extortionware and Leakware, and it usually attacks people who are very conscious about their privacy. This is a type of malware that you definitely want to avoid, so make sure that you are not clicking on any links or installing apps that look fishy or are unauthorized.

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