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Hawaii – the land of natural beauty, technicolor coral reefs and modern multiculturalism. It is the only region that’s composed of only islands.  Hawaii is located in the USA, and it is the most recent state to join the USA. The beautiful Island became part of the USA on 21st August 1959. The heavenly island in the region is one of a kind. This Paradise on earth is only 28,311 km² in area. The population of Hawaii is 1.42 million as of 2018. There are two official languages of Hawaii, one in English, of course, and the second is Hawaiian. Read on for a travel guide before you plan your trip to Hawaii.

Visa Process

Hawaii is part of America; obviously, all the entry requirements for the USA will have to be followed by Hawaii.

Visa requirements can be a bit difficult and different from others in the world. Here is a general guideline for the Visa requirements of the USA; the requirements may differ from place to place.

Let’s have a look at the visa requirements:

  • Passport – valid for travel to the United States – Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the United States (unless exempt by country-specific agreements). Each individual who needs a visa must submit a separate application, including any family members listed in your passport.
  • Application fee payment receipt – if you are required to pay before your interview.
  • Photo – You will upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160. If the photo upload fails, you must bring one printed photo in the format explained in the Photograph Requirements.

Additional Documentation May Be Required

  • The purpose of your trip,
  • Your intent to depart the United States after your tour, and/or
  • Your ability to pay all costs of the trip. 

Tourism in Hawaii

A place like Hawaii will be a tourist attraction. With so many islands and natural beauty, tourists are attracted to the place. As of 2014, Hawaii had 8.3 million tourists visiting that place. The number of tourists increased to about 9 million in 2017 and Hawaii earned almost $16 billion from the tourism industry. On average Hawaii has 100000 to 175000 tourists per month. The culturally rich place tends to attract more visitors and can earn a lot more than it is making at this point in time. Most of the people earn through tourism in this region.

Safety in Hawaii

There are no potential safety threats in Hawaii, except people are afraid of the Kilauea volcano. However, the Governor said:

“The bottom line is that there is no reason for travelers to avoid making their vacation plans in the Hawaiian Islands due to safety concerns because of Kilauea volcano.”

The people are advised to stay at the hotels and don’t roam around alone at night in the deserted areas.

The Climate In Hawaii

Hawaii doesn’t have extreme weather. The weather in summers and winters is very much consistent with little variations. The average temperature in summers is almost 29 degrees Celsius. While the average temperature in winters is 25 degrees Celsius. So, if you can’t stand extreme temperatures, you should plan a trip to Hawaii and rest assured, it won’t disappoint you.

Best Time To Visit Hawaii

The best time to plan your trip to Hawaii is in April, May, September, and October. At this time there will be lesser crowds, you can have some time of your own too, and the rates are not at the peak as well. So, it will be a bit cheaper as compared to peak times.

4 Mandatory Places To Visit In Hawaii

Already made up your mind to plan a trip to Hawaii? Now thinking which places to go to? Well, there are so many places you can visit on your trip to Hawaii, however, take notes of the few irresistible ones.

Here is the list:

1. Oahu

Oahu is the most visited place in Hawaii. If you love surfing, this is the best place for you. You can head to Banzai Pipeline and enjoy the surfing championships also. Though it is the most visited place, for some reason people don’t stay here for so long, they head towards Honolulu. Oahu has some perfect winter waves, and it will definitely be a lifetime experience.

2. Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach is often listed amongst the best beaches in the world. This is one of the most crowded beaches. With only a little rain and a professional lifeguard available, almost all the time makes it a great family beach. The only thing you need to keep in mind about this beach is time. Yes, time! If you arrive late, you will be facing parking issues.

3. Na Pali Coast

If you have seen Jurassic Park, you will definitely be aware of this beautiful scenery. Napali Coast is also known as Grand Isle. If you love adventures, the locals can teach you how to safely jump from a cliff into the water. Are you ready for some adrenaline rush on your trip to Hawaii? 

4. Honolulu

No one can dare to skip this place on the trip to Hawaii. Honolulu is the largest city on this island chain. There are plenty of things to do in Honolulu, but the main attraction here is Waikiki Beach. Other attractions are Diamond Head Crater, Pearl Harbor, and USS Arizona Memorial.

5 Best Hotels To Stay In Hawaii

You can’t enjoy your trip to Hawaii or any other place in the world if you do not have a comfortable place to stay. Here are a few options for you:

1. Fairmont Orchid

It is a chain of a luxurious hotel, with its headquarter in Toronto, Ontario. This luxurious hotel is an award-winning property. The interiors, the pool, the surrounding, and the staff, everything is perfect. The hotel features a spa and fits gear. Also, the water in the pools is pure and plastic-free.

2. Royal Kona Resort

This is nothing but a perfect place for you to stay on your trip to Hawaii. The eye-catching view of the surroundings will definitely attract you. Scuba diving and snorkeling are cherries on the top. Want to feel relaxed? Oceanfront massage spa is there to make you feel comfortable.

3. Mauna Lani Point

The hotel is a top-rated property in the region. Waialea Beach and Hapuna Beach Park are on the walkable distance. If you are traveling with kids, you can take your kids to the Great 4-D Movie ride. The hotel has a golf course. The stay in the hotel makes you feel at home.

4. Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

The hotel features authentic Hawaiian charm. It’s considered as the Hilo’s best service hotels. Apart from the basic amenities, you can enjoy the beautiful Pacific views.

5. The Palms Cliff House Inn

The Palms Cliff is surrounded by lush green trees. A patio or balcony is attached to every room in the hotel. BBQ facilities and the on-site shop is also available.

Travel Costs For Hawaii

Planning a trip to Hawaii? Thinking about how much you should save for this trip? Well, that depends on how smartly you spend.  You can stay in Hawaii for as little as $575 on average per day, or the trip can cost you $1250 per day.

Famous Foods in Hawaii:

Here are a few foods you must try on your trip to Hawaii:

1. Spam Musubi

The unique name with a unique taste. This dish is basically spam fried with rice and a little seaweed. Do try Spam on your trip to Hawaii.

2. Manapua

Manapua is a grilled or baked dish. Soft buns filled with meat or beans. This is easily available on any kind of local cuisine. 

3. Shave Ice

Looking for something to cool you down? Do try this crushed ice with different and tasty flavors. You can add ice cream and condensed milk to the shave ice, and it will enhance the flavors.

Local Traditions, Customs, And Celebrations In Hawaii

It is better to know a place before you plan to go there. The best way to know a place is to know about local traditions, customs, and celebrations of the Hawaii.

Let’s have a look at Hawaiian culture:

1. Hula Festival

Festival celebrated in the honor of the last Hawaiian king, David Kalakaua. Schools also celebrate this day; there are different dancing celebrations, music and competition all around the region on this day. A Hula queen is also crowned, which is a very big honor to receive.

2. Boys’ and Girls’ Day

It is basically a Japanese tradition celebrated in the region. Each house with boys is supposed to hang bamboo sticks on the outside. This tradition is supposed to bring back the luck. Boy’s day is celebrated on 5th May every year.

On 4th March, Girl’s Day is celebrated. It is in honor of girls, in the honor of their beauty, happiness, and peace.  

3. Statehood Day

Statehood day is the reminder of the day when the 50th state joined the USA. 3rd Friday of August is observed as a complete holiday on the island. There are no special festivities on the day; people are only expected to stay at home and spend time with their families.

Concluding Statement

Hawaii is the land of peace and serenity, indulge in the natural beauty. This natural piece of art will make a massive room for itself in your heart. Do not wait; plan your trip to Hawaii, right away and enjoy your time one of the best islands in the world!

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