Transmission Difficulty – 8 Warning Signs

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Transmission Difficulty – 8 Warning Signs

You may be reading this article because you suspect that there is something wrong with the automatic transmission in your car. Too often, people experience what they feel may be a transmission concern, but they don’t believe it. My advice is: it is better to solve these problems quickly than to let them spread to catastrophic transmission failures.

Because your entire vehicle is the most complex piece of automatic transmission machinery, the list of warning signs may not be expert in repairing the transmission over the years. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.


The small pool of pink oil, you see when you move your car out of its parking lot in the morning is a sign of trouble. The transmission can be leaked from about 20 different external seals. Are easy, while others require more involved methods of service. In any case, the idea is that the car should immediately look to a reputable transmission repair shop because, from an engine that produces less oil, a transmission that is less fluid can fail a very short order completely. Is.


Occasionally there is a buzzing or buzzing thrill, especially at highway speeds. While this can be a problem in bad engine tunes, it can also be a transmission malfunction. Take it to a specialist who can tell the difference and diagnose it for you.

Delayed drive or reversal

Once the shifter “D” or “R” is inserted, you get another signal of transmission failure. This delay may be due to low flood level or a brand that requires adjustment in the internal transmission seal or clutch pack that is failing. Again, this is a good time to check.

Neutral fast moving from a stop or around a turn

This is a great sign of low flood conditions. Remember, unlike an engine where it may be normal to drink some oil over time if the amount of fluid in a transmission is low, it is leaking.

Burning odor

The burning odor can be a sign of a transmission that is heating up or leaking out. This needs immediate attention. If engine oil or transmission fluid travels on a hot road, it can start a fire

Check the engine light

Today’s delivery is computer-controlled, and this check engine can detect a light transmission problem, even if you do not yet have a driveability sign. Modern automobile computers are highly sensitive and can detect transmission slips or defects that would be unimaginable to the driver. The light goes wrong to tell you that something is wrong.

Learn about the cause of transmission slipping

Sliding is a condition where the engine is reviving it, but the wheel is not getting full power. Lubrication can be caused by a variety of transmission faults – none of which should be overlooked.

Harsh moves and starts the wrong gear

A hard shift or incorrect gear start by itself or in conjunction with a check engine light can be a sign that your delivery is under the command of a computer that has a “fail safe” or “lame home” mode. When a transmission malfunction is detected in your vehicle, it may be activated in your vehicle’s computer. The reason for this computer strategy is to tell the driver that there is a problem and to help prevent further damage to the transmission while a shop is in the process of repairing it.

While we often fall into the trap of hoping that our cars will somehow get rid of the problem or rarely get better, does it work? Paying attention to your vehicle before turning it into a minor issue often helps you avoid expensive shipments.

Transmission problems are not uncommon. The owner of the car may be delayed because he does not realize that there is something wrong with his car or that he has no knowledge of the transmission problems. As a car owner, you need to know the symptoms of this problem so that your car can be repaired quickly. Transmission problems, if left unattended, can cause malfunction and damage to critical components of the vehicle.

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