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Is watching TV shows your favorite hobby? Do you too keep looking out for the most amazing and engaging shows like I do? Well then, this blog is going to be really very helpful for you. We’ve gathered a list of the top TV series of all time.

Best TV Series of All Tine

13 Reasons Why (8/10 IMDb)

This Netflix original has been one of the most famous, trending and top TV series of all time.

No one can undo what’s already done. This line truly sets on the story of 13 Reasons Why.

This show will take you back to high school. The story revolves around the suicide case of a girl named “Hannah Baker”. She left the series of tapes after committing suicide of how and why she did, what she did. In those tapes, she mentioned the names of the people responsible for this suicide, leaving behind tasks for each one of them.

The first episode starts when Clay, “her best friend” received those tapes. Let us see where it goes.

2 seasons have already been launched. The third one is expected in 2019 with 13 episodes. The trailer for the new season is in the link below.

Game Of Thrones (9.4/10 IMDb)

Again, trending and the top TV series of all time.

It is said, “If you play Game of Thrones, you win or you die.” A continuous rivalry between 9 families, each trying to rule the Westeros. Many have lost the battle, many are still in the game. Who will sit on the throne? To know you must watch the amazing series. Game of Thrones is also known as one of the best HBO GO shows.

By far, Game of Thrones has 8 seasons and it ended on 19th May 2019. Watch all seasons to know who finally sits on the Iron Throne.

Sherlock (9.1/10 IMDb)

Sherlock never gets outdated!

Sherlock Holmes is a well-known detective with some extraordinary abilities, he solves cases as no one else does. Be it murder, robbery, kidnapping, he solves every case with his expertise. He was an extraordinary detective until he met Jim Moriarty. Jim is his biggest rival and he is the mastermind behind every other case that Sherlock solved. To get to Moriarty, Sherlock has to solve the Final Problem.

Amazingly directed, this thrilling, full of action, top TV series began in 2010. It has 4 seasons. However, nothing has been announced about season 5.

Friends (8.9/10 IMDb)

This one doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Undoubtedly, a must watch TV series.

It is a comedy-drama about 6 friends, who not only share an apartment but they share everything. They are friends like family. As days passed by, they all experienced many breakups, many ups and downs, and many life-changing events. One thing remained constant, they never failed to make us all laugh for straight 1 hour.

Though the series started long back in 1994 and ended in 2004 with 10 seasons people still love it. It is still highly rated and one of the top TV series of all time. You can enjoy this best comedy TV series on Netflix. If you don’t have access to this video streaming service in your region, you can use the best VPN for Netflix to counter this problem.

Walking Dead (8.3/10 IMDb)

Comic book series never fail to amuse us, and Walking Dead is a great example to support this statement.

Rick Grimes, a cop wakes up to a hospital to the end of the world. He doesn’t have a single clue about what has happened and why. Everyone is dead and he has no reach to his family. He struggles and meets his family somehow. He came to know that everybody who was dead has now turned in to a zombie.

There are 9 seasons of Walking Dead till now. The season 10 is expected to launch next year in 2020. This incredible story has been entertaining us since 2010 and has proved to be a top TV series since then.

Stranger Things (8.9/10 IMDb)

As the name suggests, the drama has some strange things happening.

Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin, 4 best friends experience dark and extraordinary forces. Will, goes missing in an alternate world. His friends are struggling to find him and bring him back. On their search, they find a girl named Eleven, who has the ability to control these strange things.

Stranger Things has 2 seasons as of now but the third one is expected in July 2019. You can watch the trailer below.

Breaking Bad (9.5/10 IMDb)

Crime, thrill, and drama these all sum up Breaking Bad.

A high school chemistry teacher is struggling to meet the needs of his family. With his wife giving birth to another child and his teenager suffering from CP, everything gets so difficult. He now learns that he has lung cancer. To protect his family, he begins to sell methamphetamine, a recreational drug.

To know where his life takes him, watch this incredible TV series of all times.

It has 5 seasons which started in 2008 and ended in 2013.

Prison Break (8.4/10 IMDb)

Life can be so uncertain and unfair sometimes; a story of Prison Break justifies this statement.

A political conspiracy led an innocent boy to jail. He only has his brother as his support. His brother is constantly doing stuff to get himself to the jail too so that he can save them both.

The appealing story has 5 seasons so far. However, you might be able to see the 6th season too. Watch this top rated and one of the best TV series as soon as possible!

House M.D. (8.7/10 IMDb)

It is said that one should never give up at any cost. This is one thing this extraordinary drama series has taught us.

Gregory House is a doctor by profession. Though he has a bit aggressive, rude and savage attitude, the doctor is undoubtedly Sherlock Holmes of medicine. His flawless instincts and unconventional thinking made him the best.

Don’t miss out on this totally different yet engaging TV series. It has 8 seasons, starting from 2004 and ending in 2012.

Misfits (8.2/10 IMDb)

Life is full of unpredictability. Misfits surely fit on this statement.

5 people, 5 different stories ended up together in working for community service in juvenile. They got struck by lightning because of the storm and started developing superpowers. Now, where will these people end up? Stop wondering and watch this TV series!

The series has 5 seasons which started from 2009 and ended in 2013.

Final Verdict

All of the series listed above are equally interesting. However, it is very difficult to decide which one tops the list. Let us know which one you found most appealing and don’t forget to share this list of the top TV series of all time.

Ajiya Sohail is a student and a blogger by passion. She is a keen learner and passionate to pen down her thoughts, and share her life experiences with the world. Apart from that, she is also a talkative person who always has the potential to become the center of attraction. She loves to travel, watch cooking shows and hang out with friends any time of the day.

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