Top IT framework ITIL in the software industry for accurate service delivery

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Top IT framework ITIL in the software industry for accurate service delivery

When it comes to IT service delivery, ITSM (information technology service management) steps in. It is the craft of managing, implementing, and delivering the IT services to meet the organization’s requirements.

In today’s era of cat race, all want their business to lead high compared to their competitor, and hence, to achieve success and to be at top of all, ITSM is of basic importance. ITSM ensures the value of people, processes, and technology is in an appropriate place or not.

In this article, we have pinned the popular ITIL framework, its processes, and its practical use. But before we dig into the ITSM framework, let’s have a quick look at what is ITSM framework which you must need to know first. Be sure that you going through the entire article.


The organization uses ITSM for deploying, managing, and improving IT service delivery. Generally talking, ITSM uses a pre-defined framework of best practices and standard processes for providing a well-disciplined behavior for approaching the ITSM implementation.

Till now, one of the most famous and trending ITSM frameworks is ITIL or say information technology infrastructure Library. For just information shake, ITIL was implemented in the year of 1980s through the United Kingdom’s central computer and telecommunication agency.

But currently, it comes under AXELOS. ITIL is owned, managed, updated as well as certified by AXELOS. According to the survey of Forbes insight, the ITSM framework and processes are been used many organizations, and the following are some values which would show who’s using which ITSM framework and processes:

  • A 14% framework of DevOps has been used.
  • 47% framework of ITIL has been used for site information and that focuses on aligning IT services with the requirement of the business.
  • 36% of the business process framework
  • 28% framework of the knowledge-centered service
  • 34% of the Microsoft operation framework provides a framework for managing the IT life cycle.
  • 21% framework of the service integration and management
  • 21% framework of six sigma
  • 36% framework of the control objectives for information and related technology that mainly focuses on the financial audit community and it also adds the management standards.
  • 17% framework of the kaizen
  • 29% framework of ISO

The most popular framework from the above list is ITIL, control objectives for information and related technologies, business process framework, and Microsoft Operation Framework.

The ITSM framework gives more importance to the service rather than the system, it’s unlike other IT disciplines such as Network management which focuses more on the technical aspects. ITSM framework of IT supports the entire spectrum from network, application, and complete business service.

Hence, the above was all the information regarding the ITSM framework that you needed to know before digging into the different ITSM frameworks and processes in detail. So, let’s get into the main topic without wasting much time.

Distinct types of ITIL framework and processes

Each process and framework satisfies different needs as we have mentioned above. There are various frameworks of ITSM and each of them offers the best practices on – MOF Microsoft operation framework, business process framework (eTom), control objectives for information, and related technologies).

Talking about the standards for quality management, there’s ISO 9000 and for the information security management, it consists of (ISO/IEC). These qualities are must to met to be certified and to remain in the competition or compliance. There’s even a best practice for custom software development and its delivery such as DevOps..

Hence, the organization has several different divisions, subsidiaries as well as locations across the globe, and so it is somewhat easy to see that this organization is appropriate to incorporate different processes, frameworks, and standards of ITSM to meet their requirement.

Hence, the above was the information regarding the framework of ITSM, now let’s know its practical usage.

About the practical usage of the IT framework and its process

Now, you might have the question that “what is good to know the most popular framework and their processes used by the different organization?”

ITSM helps the organization to understand that there are choices left to meet the requirement for IT service delivery. It consists of the list of most commonly used ITSM frameworks and processes and this helps the organization to understand the quality of their service delivery.

However, you can make your ITSM strategy to determine your choices. There’s a crowd involved in the selection of ITSM tools and that tools are informed by what are other worldwide companies doing to make the ITSM at its top.

When it comes to making a career in ITSM or offering the job, it helps to identify which framework and process are of more importance which also identifies the employee as well as customers.

Examples of ITSM

For example, ITSM is well-known in its ITSM framework, but one should also know that the Microsoft operation framework is making its name as a competing framework. By knowing and understanding different frameworks you would understand your worth in this field.

In the bottom line, by knowing various popular frameworks and processes implementation by several organizations, it would help you to understand that there are multiple opportunities available to meet the requirement of IT service delivery.

Hence, the above was everything about the practical use of framework and process. Now, let’s have a quick look at the ITSM framework’s advantages.

About – ITSM framework advantages

In many cases, the majority of the leaders and C-level officials somewhere express the frustration as their team doesn’t meet the deadline or have a lack of work. This is the common disorder between the term and boss and so do the ITIL helps to approach for meeting and delivering proper IT service.

Adopting ITIL with ITSM can benefit you in the following ways:

  • It provides the best practice for upgrading the IT service.
  • It consists of the ITIL specification and so it enhances the delivery of the third-party service.
  • It would help you to reduce unnecessary training costs.
  • Helps to improve IT’s ROI.
  • Offers you a better view of IT spending, assets, and costs.
  • Eliminates the redundant work and gives you the right guide to use resources.
  • Helps to increase the staff’s retention.
  • It aims at increasing skills, productivity as well as competence of IT staff.
  • It comes with the best abilities to manage business risks and service failure as well as an interruption.

The above were the ITSM framework advantages. Last but not the least, it helps to maintain the positive as well as enriched relationships with customers.

Takeaway from ITIL

Hence, the above was everything regarding the top IT framework frame in the software industry for accurate service delivery. We hope that this article made you convinced that the IT framework is of basic importance.

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