3 Essential Tips to Effectively Work From Home

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Work from home tips

COVID-19 has disrupted almost all industries and revolutionized the world of business. Millions have lost their jobs, and many companies transitioned to a work from home setup. From having a flexible schedule, saving money and time from the daily commute, and spending more time with your loved ones, working from home clearly has a lot of advantages. However, there are still a few disadvantages of this setup, such as employee burnout and a lack of motivation. The following tips will help you work productively within the safety of your home while keeping your mental and emotional well-being intact. 

Identify the essential items that you need

The things that you need for working at home will depend on your occupation. A graphic artist might need a more extensive desk, while an administrative worker might require a designated file cabinet. Create a checklist of the necessary items that you need in your home office. The most common work from home essentials includes a desk, computer, fast internet connection, Wi-Fi router, and a good quality chair. If you have an extra budget, consider investing in ergonomic chairs and a high-quality PC monitor. Most companies will provide for their employees’ computers, but if that is not an option, check if your laptop or personal computer has the specifications required for your job. Opt for noise-canceling headphones, wireless mouse, and keyboards. 

Spruce up your space

Decorate your space with plants, as the sight of greenery can increase your productivity. Research shows that plants in the office notably increased the concentration level and workplace satisfaction, so it makes sense to spruce up your home office with indoor plants. Consider a dedicated telephone to separate your personal and business calls. Scented candles or oil diffusers can brighten up your mood and alleviate your work stress. Other essentials that you may need are printers and scanners, desk lamps, multi-plug extension cord, backup internet connection, and a coffee maker. Set aside a dedicated area or storage for your gadgets to prevent you from wasting precious work hours. 

Be mindful of your actions

Without the right mindset and attitude, it is undeniably easy to slack off while working from home. Make it a habit to continue your daily pre-work routine. If you listened to music during your commute to the office, do that first before you start working. Allow your brain and body to adjust to your new work environment. Avoid working with your pajamas, get dressed appropriately, eat a healthy breakfast, and take a bath if needed. Put on your makeup and wear your heels if you feel like it. Take care of your appearance, but be careful not to go overboard. Never underestimate the power of looking presentable, even if your workmates can also see you virtually. 

Stick to a regular schedule, adhere to your self-imposed breaks, and call it a day after your designated work hours. Hold yourself accountable and be mindful of potential distractions around you. Move around and avoid sitting the whole day to be more productive. Studies show that employees tend to overwork at home compared to those working in an office. Have a clock nearby or set your phone alarm to track your office time. Avoid reading your emails before going to bed and allow yourself to disconnect from the virtual world. Keep your household informed of your work hours. Establish boundaries and communicate them clearly with your loved ones to avoid misunderstandings. 

Choose a dedicated space that will work for everyone in your household

Setting up a functional and comfortable workspace is one of the challenges of working at home. Preferably, your home office should be in a quiet area, safe from distractions, with adequate ventilation and plenty of natural light. Working in a room with natural light or sufficient lighting can promote relaxation and reduce eyestrain and headaches. Choose a space that will give you privacy, mainly when your work entails handling sensitive documents or dealing with important clients. 

Set up your home office, ideally near an outlet or your Wi-Fi router. Remember that you might conduct video conference meetings, so check the area for a suitable and appropriate background wall. Test the internet signal and consider upgrading to a faster internet connection. Always keep your workspace clean and clutter-free. Disinfect your work items regularly and frequently clean your home equipment, including your air-conditioning units and HVAC system. Change your hvac filters and make sure to choose a dependable vendor.  

Being able to earn for your family without leaving the comforts of your home is a blessing for many. Having a job during these uncertain times is not something that we should take for granted. It is challenging to draw the line between your personal and work life but with the right attitude, mindset, and working essentials, anyone can succeed at working from home. 

Ajiya Sohail is a student and a blogger by passion. She is a keen learner and passionate to pen down her thoughts, and share her life experiences with the world. Apart from that, she is also a talkative person who always has the potential to become the center of attraction. She loves to travel, watch cooking shows and hang out with friends any time of the day.

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