Things You Should Know About Event Planners

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Event planners

There are some things that you should leave to the professionals, especially for events as big as a wedding, big birthday bashes, debuts or the like. Regardless if you are a career person or not, nothing beats a person who is innately focused on what is important: things that should not be forgotten for the event.

To avoid having disastrous events because of a forgotten task, having an event planner will be the best decision that you can make. Although it is best to know what they can do for you, so you will know what details you will need to provide them to have a successful event are.

They Can Take of the Registration for You

You would surely want to know how many people will be going to your event. Your event person can take care of the registration or the RSVPs for you so you can have a headcount immediately before the event. There are so many event details that depend on the number of people that will be coming, so it is best to leave this particular task to them.

They Can Be Responsible for the Sight and Sounds

Regardless of where you hold the event, make sure that the attendees hear and see everything happening in your event. Your planner can take care of this for you. This way, you will not have to think if there are enough mikes or speakers or DJs that will take care of the music, etc. during the event.

They Can Also watch out for the Food and Drinks

Are there any special requests for the food? Your planner can look into this for you and remember it on the day of the event so that you will not have to worry about mistakes that might happen when it comes to the food being served. There might be a guest who will be allergic to the fare that you are planning to have on the event, and your event person can remember this for you and let you know that there should be changes in the menu because of that one guest.

They might also know a caterer or restaurant that might give you discounts if you and your event manager play it right.

They Need to Be Aware of Everything

Yes, you may be just one of a few people who have planned for the event, so it will make sense to divert everything to your event planner so they organize and make out a plan on how everything will be addressed before the event. They can talk to you and update you on the ongoing process, and they can also give you a checklist of things you think you will need for the event. You can always talk with them for any possible changes, but do make sure to let them know as soon as you think about it, so you and your event person will not have to worry about it when the time comes.


Communication is critical when it comes to being on the same page with your event person. Please remember that even though their job description means that they plan for the event, it does not mean you have to leave every bit of the planning to them.

Some planners often prefer that their employers tell them what they want, so they can plan and see what can be done to accommodate those requests. They might be able to suggest something better to make the occasion more memorable.

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