Tesla Model S Catches Fire in China! Are Electric Cars Actually Safe?

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Tesla Car Fire

This is not the first time we’ve heard that Tesla exploded. This time it happened in China, Shanghai, a massive market for the company. Tesla at first did not want to mention the model of the car that exploded. However, it could be seen in a short video on a Chinese Social media website, Weibo. The incident was reported on 21st April at 8:15 on the site and it was found that the model was Tesla’s S Sedan. As soon as the new spread, Twitter was flooded with tweets and footage of the car.

The authorities of the company did not want to go into the details. Instead they said they are looking into the matter and investigating what led to this explosion.

Weibo User’s Comment

Weibo is considered to be one of the biggest social media platforms in China.

One of the users commented on Weibo, “One thing I’ve learned from this incident: from now on, don’t ever park next to a Tesla.”

Another Weibo user said: “Jeopardizing our safety in a moment’s instant and the fact it ignited so quickly is something we will not tolerate.”


Tesla earns almost 20% of its revenues from China, and this type of incident is undoubtedly going to be a setback for the company. The company is starting up a new factory in China, considering it to be an essential market. People will be afraid and will start losing their confidence in Tesla.

Electric cars are the new future, it is said. The company says that Tesla is 11 times safer than a gasoline powered car. Although the company needs to be aware of the explosions and it has to look for solutions for such these incidents, to build up the confidence for using these cars again. There are approximately 300,000 Tesla cars with an average mileage of 7.5 billion miles out of which 40 Tesla’s electric vehicles are reported to catch fire.

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