How Technology Is Revolutionizing Health Care

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Technology is one thing making our lives more productive and more comfortable. As the days pass by technology is growing faster and helping people in the best way. Hence, technology is working to make healthcare sector better as well.

Chief executive officer and director, Bruce D. Broussard, in FortunesHealth conference, stated that during medical crises technology will be the only thing helping them to recover. He explained the importance of many technological devices which support people in their daily lives. He gave an example of a smartwatch which keeps track of our heartbeat. Such care helps to prevent heart issues.

Healthcare technology is going to the next level and working on ways to prevent severe health emergencies. In the same way, Broussard explained how important telemedicine technologies are. Nowadays doctors use video conferencing as a method of virtually visiting patients. If they feel a need then they send a physical nurse to the patients home.

Such a combination of a virtual professional doctor and physical nurse can be used to help people anytime and anywhere. Many rural areas don’t have the facility of good doctors. Therefore for them such an opportunity is considered excellent. Telemedicine helps to create awareness among the people of rural areas too.

However, other people believe that telemedicine is not as useful as a physical treatment. Former CEO of Qualcomm, Paul Jacob thinks no matter how good technology gets, physical therapy will remain the best. He stated that if physically professionals visit patients at home, they will get the best medicine. Jacob said that once a person in a rural area had a very severe headache which the man assumed was a migraine. When physically a professional doctor visited him he discovered black mold. Therefore he says that physical touch is the best treatment for patients.

Tech News

Many professionals also use smartphones to track records, enhanced interpersonal communication and improve healthcare innovation and training. 80% of doctors have started using smartphones to make their work and lives more comfortable. No matter how much people believe in physical treatment, technology will revolutionize Healthcare.


To spend a good life, people should make sure that they keep their health good and maintained. Many people feel lazy to go to the doctors physically so for them such technologies like smartwatches, smartphones or even video conferencing is a fantastic opportunity. Let’s see how much the healthcare sector makes changes and improvements.

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