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US Oil Prices Go Negative Due to The Covid-19 Pandemic

The downfall in global demand for oil led to an odd modification on Monday 20th April 2020. The prices of U.S. oil fell under zero for the first time in history and continued to decline.  The leading U.S. oil scale, West Texas Intermediate, developed at negative $37.63. Focused by an exchange agreement cut-off date, dealers, to a great extent, searched for purchasers for the containers of oil...[Read More]

US Cities Shut Down Due To the Spread Of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

All major US cities have closed down schools, parks, restaurants, bars, and theatres as actions to prevent the severe spread of Coronavirus worldwide. The Centres for Disease Control endorses that all crowds of 50 people or more than that have to be banned. European nations closed their boundaries. States like New York, Washington, and Los Angeles have all declared to shut down all public building...[Read More]

Mexico’s Walmart Penalized Suppliers To Gain Supremacy

In Mexico, the dominator Walmart has penalized suppliers of food companies who were providing grocery to Amazon. Amazon online is one of the biggest competitors of Walmart. Amazon wanted to gain supremacy in Mexico; however, Walmart’s actions might lead it to go down. Many suppliers have now moved back and are not supplying products to Amazon to maintain their business relationship with Walmart. L...[Read More]