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Top 10 Famous TV Channels in India You Should Know

The landscape of Indian television is an ever-evolving canvas painted with diverse hues of entertainment, information, and cultural richness. As viewers navigate the plethora of TV channels, certain names stand out for their compelling content and widespread popularity. Here, you will delve into the top indian tv channels that every viewer should know, unravelling the reasons behind their prominen...[Read More]

Where Does The Phenomenon Of The Series “Friends” Come From?

On May 6, 2004, the last episode of the most iconic sitcom in television history was aired. The series has enjoyed high popularity for a decade, and it does not seem to decrease so far. How did it happen that the TV show “Friends” became a permanent feature of pop culture and left their mark on it? Friends – that is Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross – first a...[Read More]

Stranger Things Season 4: Jim Hopper is Back!

Stranger Things, the Netflix science fiction-horror show, presents the theme of quite a few shady vanishings in a small town. The Stranger Things Season 4 is finally around the corner. It is expected to release in the late 2020 or early 2021. We can predict the release date after seeing the pattern of season 1, 2, and 3.   Stranger Things Season 4 has revealed to have nine episodes. The season sta...[Read More]

10 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix

If you are searching for a comedy show, you must be the type of person who loves and appreciates a good laugh. Do you know comedy is the most personalized genre in the entertainment industry? You should be thankful to the Netflix library for providing you with so many shows that make you fall on the floor by laughing. We have prepared a list of the best comedy shows on Netflix for you. Are you cra...[Read More]

10 Best Shows to Watch on BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular internet streaming services used by millions of people. This service is available in devices such as mobile phones, personal computers and smart televisions as well. It is a free streaming service for the people of the UK. Even if someone is outside the UK, they may not be able to use BBC iPlayer. But that’s, not a problem as there is a VPN for BBC iPla...[Read More]

7 Top Sci-Fi TV Series to Watch on Netflix

There has been a recent rebirth of science fiction television with the shows on Netflix. The addiction to science fiction means that when you are finished with one, you are left craving for more. Anything which describes the genre of sci-fi TV series includes evil AI, life on faraway planets, time travel and much more. As we live in the modern era, we have the best online streaming service Netflix...[Read More]

5 Best TV Series on Netflix 2020: Review

Where do you watch your video content? For a significantly large number of global viewers, the answer is Netflix! Netflix is a literal treasure trove of movies that you can stream or download on demand. Like so many others, the bulk of my Spectrum silver package is exhausted on Netflix. Moreover, if you are looking to commit to more than 2 hours, Netflix is the place to go. It has a wide selection...[Read More]

10 Best YouTube Originals To Watch On YouTube

Though YouTube has millions of hours of free videos available to watch, there are a few best YouTube Originals that you can’t watch without paying a subscription. Similar to how Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online streaming networks work, YouTube is also trying to keep up by introducing awesome online TV shows. The shows and films contain a broad scope of genre and a blend of surely understood ...[Read More]

10 TV Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime in 2020

The service of Amazon Prime has been used by many people now as compared to when it first began offering the prime members free movies and TV shows years ago. There are numerous downright excellent series available for you to watch on amazon prime on a lazy day home. With that in mind, today we have put together a list of the top 10 Amazon Prime TV shows that you need to watch. All these Amazon vi...[Read More]

10 Best TV Shows on The CW to Watch in 2020

Looking for the binge-worthy shows of The CW? You are at the right place, my friend. We have got you listed the top 10 TV shows of The CW that you should not miss out on for anything. Watching these shows will undoubtedly turn out to be the best road to entertaining yourself in your free time. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 1. The Dynasty An American soup opera reboot developed by...[Read More]

5 Best HBO GO VPN Services in 2020

Just like many other American channels, HBO GO is also inaccessible outside the USA. HBO GO is an excellent channel in which you can watch many of the top shows of America. The only way you can watch these shows and use HBO GO outside the USA is with the best HBO GO VPN. It basically lets you access the site by connecting to any USA server. With a VPN, you can wave the geo-restrictions off and enj...[Read More]

Top TV Series Of All Time To Watch in 2020

Is watching TV shows your favorite hobby? Do you too keep looking out for the most amazing and engaging shows like I do? Well then, this blog is going to be really very helpful for you. We’ve gathered a list of the top TV series of all time. Best TV Series of All Tine 13 Reasons Why (8/10 IMDb) This Netflix original has been one of the most famous, trending and top TV series of all time. No one ca...[Read More]