How to use Chrome developer tools to debug JavaScript

Hello, readership. In the past few years, JavaScript has become the leading language for scripting web projects with the emergence of various libraries such as jQuery and Prototype. The growing popularity and ease of use has led to full-fledged applications such as Gmail, which contain thousands of lines of JavaScript, placing increased demands on the development team in terms of tooling skills. H...[Read More]

6 Advantages of Using Dell Desktop PC

There is a lot of options on the devices that you use at home or work. Depending on your demands and needs, you can choose among desktop, tablet, and laptop devices as systems for business or profession. Each type has its purpose, but a Del Desktop PC has many advantages over portable devices in most situations. It has more useful technology in use for work and business.  It has a flexible display...[Read More]

Difference Between a Photo Stick and a Flash Drive

Suppose you love traveling and photographing. During the journey, you wanted to capture photos to keep those as a memory. What will you be the first choice of yours? I am sure you will choose the mobile. But, sometimes, due to various apps and files in your mobile, the storage remains full. This is where you need another device that will keep your photos, videos, and other files completely safe. W...[Read More]

Clover Flex vs the Clover Station – What Is the Best for Restaurants

Most restaurant owners have heard of Clover point of sale systems. Clover Networks has transformed checkout across the foodservice industry in recent years. The layout of a restaurant and the ways customers place and pay for an order will determine whether owners and operators should choose a Clover Mini POS, Flex, or Station hardware. Find out more about the features of Clover POS systems and how...[Read More]

Why a Government Office Needs a Visitor Management System?

Do government organizations need a visitor management system or VMS? The answer to this question is a big – Yes. When it comes to government work, a lot of protection is required. Why? The answer is simple. Government officials deal with a lot of sensitive and confidential documents. Hence, the loss of such important documents can put a lot of things at stake.  To keep the documents safe and ...[Read More]

Why are Online Enterprises Integrating Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

Hybrid Cloud computing is increasingly becoming an integral part of business strategy, and more firms are already leveraging this new technology to give them an edge in business. Hybrid Cloud computing is an environment that allows the sharing of data and mobile apps by combining a private cloud and a public cloud. The advantage that comes with it, is sharing work overflow when the computing and p...[Read More]

Top IT framework ITIL in the software industry for accurate service delivery

When it comes to IT service delivery, ITSM (information technology service management) steps in. It is the craft of managing, implementing, and delivering the IT services to meet the organization’s requirements. In today’s era of cat race, all want their business to lead high compared to their competitor, and hence, to achieve success and to be at top of all, ITSM is of basic importanc...[Read More]

A Comprehensive Guide to Foster Engagement with Audience Response Systems

One of the best ways to encourage interactivity between a presenter and their listeners is by allowing them to respond. The need to increase the attention of audiences has been around for a long time. There are definite advantages when your audience is paying attention. Besides improving attentiveness, audience response systems also create greater interactivity.     An Audience Resp...[Read More]

What You Should Know About the Different Types of Virtual Numbers

Technological innovations have greatly affected every aspect of our lives over the years. For instance, the technology advancements in the field of communication have allowed people to communicate easily regardless of the distance. Numerous telecommunication applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Telegram, and Slack have been helping people communicate effortlessly for years now. These apps,...[Read More]

Mobile Spy Apps: Your Guide to Best of 2020

If your search for top mobile spy apps did not get you any results, you have come to the right place, as today, we are going to review the top 3 spy apps of 2020 briefly. We understand how daunting and overwhelming it is to pick a few from the tons of options that you come across. The entire drill of selecting a few apps and then taking the features, price, and compatibility into account after con...[Read More]

Why You Should Be Doing Price Tracking

It is no secret that e-commerce is slowly gobbling up the traditional brick and mortar method of retailing goods and services. Every other day a new store opens online and sets up its strategy to access an increasing number of online shoppers. There were an estimated 1.8 billion online shoppers in 2018, bringing in sales volumes of $2.8 trillion. That number has grown exponentially and, by 2021, w...[Read More]

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Phone

According to one study by National Public Radio, over half of the kids in the USA own a smartphone by the age of 11. Furthermore, the study reveals that 84 percent of teenagers have their phones.  This is how smartphones are becoming accessible for every age group in the country.  While the use of smartphones has simplified communication more than ever, the associated concerns can’t...[Read More]