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Connecting Children to Modern Technology

Technology at all times has been a victim to scrutiny and accusations. Some called it witchcraft while others were a bit too reliant on the old ways of how you should do something. Nonetheless, even after all these barriers, technology seems to find a way to flourish. We have come a very long way from the invention of the wheel. Most people today won’t even consider the wheel as a technology, but ...[Read More]

Google Using Mobile-First Indexing By Default For New Sites

Since a year ago, Google began using its mobile-first search indexing for more than half the web pages in search results. Finally, Google has now announced that mobile-first indexing will be the default for all new web domains it registers from July 1, 2019. As soon as a new site is registered its mobile-friendly content will be used to index its pages, as well as to comprehend the websites contro...[Read More]

Google Ends Business With Huawei All Thanks to the US – China Trade War

Google has actually suspended its business with Huawei. From the transfer of hardware to software, everything has been stopped by Google. Only tech services with open source licensing are going to be available for Huawei. What does it mean for Huawei users? The current users of the Huawei Smartphones do not need to worry, as the restriction on Huawei will not affect them. “For users of our service...[Read More]

How Technology Is Revolutionizing Health Care

Technology is one thing making our lives more productive and more comfortable. As the days pass by technology is growing faster and helping people in the best way. Hence, technology is working to make healthcare sector better as well. Chief executive officer and director, Bruce D. Broussard, in FortunesHealth conference, stated that during medical crises technology will be the only thing helping t...[Read More]