The 10 Most Popular Video Games Right Now (2020)

Nowadays, most people cannot think of their day without playing a video game. And you will be surprised to hear that a large portion of people around the world spend most of their day playing video games. But if you look back in the past, specifically, before the 1980s, most people have no idea about the concept of video gaming. After the 1980s the video gaming steadily gained popularity among peo...[Read More]

10 Best PS4 Games to Have in 2020

Sony had been determined to correct its mistakes that resulted in the ‘less than successful run’ with its PlayStation 3. It was now onto releasing a console with the mass appeal of PlayStation 2, which still is the all-time bestselling console. Coming to the new console, PlayStation 4, it offers better graphical capabilities and processing, has increased emphasis on social interaction with other s...[Read More]