Nintendo Switch

The 10 Most Popular Video Games Right Now (2020)

Nowadays, most people cannot think of their day without playing a video game. And you will be surprised to hear that a large portion of people around the world spend most of their day playing video games. But if you look back in the past, specifically, before the 1980s, most people have no idea about the concept of video gaming. After the 1980s the video gaming steadily gained popularity among peo...[Read More]

10 Best Nintendo Switch Originals 2020

Further than its accomplishment, Nintendo has released enjoyable and exciting games including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Super Smash Bros and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Below we have created a list containing best Nintendo Switch games coming up in 2020. These games would make your year full of fun and action. 1. Florence Release Date &#...[Read More]

10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in 2019

March 2017, when the whole experience of gaming was turned around. It was the time when Nintendo Switch came into existence and changed our perceptions of gaming altogether with its exciting and amazing Nintendo Switch exclusives.   Nintendo Switch has honestly raised the bars for future hybrid consoles. Here are some of the fantastic features of Nintendo Switch: You are not restricted to play gam...[Read More]