Recent Excavations Debunk Earlier Beliefs About Human Ancestry

A human artifact proving the existence of the present human during the age of Neanderthals in Europe was dug up in a cave in Greece. According to British anthropologist Professor Chris Stinger, the artifact is several years more mature than any unearthed human artifact uncovered in Europe. He says the unearthed species is more mature than Misliya, Israel’s modern human artifact which dates to 150,...[Read More]

Google Using Mobile-First Indexing By Default For New Sites

Since a year ago, Google began using its mobile-first search indexing for more than half the web pages in search results. Finally, Google has now announced that mobile-first indexing will be the default for all new web domains it registers from July 1, 2019. As soon as a new site is registered its mobile-friendly content will be used to index its pages, as well as to comprehend the websites contro...[Read More]

Frozen 2 Trailer Is Finally Out!

Many of us are not ready to let go of our excitement for the sequel of the movie “Frozen” as Disney just released the official full-length trailer of Disney’s Frozen 2. After all, it has been six long years since millions of fans of Frozen were in hopes of a sequel. The trailer successfully set a record for Disney by getting 116.4 million views within the first 24 hours. You definitely need ...[Read More]

The New Toy Story 4 Trailer Is Out!

The latest trailer of Toy Story 4 just hit the internet by storm. Millions of fans are waiting to see their favorite gang of toys in this new adventure. The last part of the series is all set to rock the cinemas on 21st June 2019. Watch the Trailer Here! The first trailer hasn’t revealed much of the story, except for the induction of a whole new character. Yes, the toy gang has a new member now! T...[Read More]

Intel and Qualcomm Follow Google’s Footsteps in Shutting Down Business With Huawei

Intel and Qualcomm are following Google’s footprints. They both have teamed up with Google in cutting of Huawei’s business. Intel provides chipsets to for Huawei laptops and tablets, and Qualcomm provides modems and processors. With Intel and Qualcomm, many others are also in line to make this all a true nightmare for Huawei. According to Bloomberg, Intel and Qualcomm told their employees to stop ...[Read More]

Google Ends Business With Huawei All Thanks to the US – China Trade War

Google has actually suspended its business with Huawei. From the transfer of hardware to software, everything has been stopped by Google. Only tech services with open source licensing are going to be available for Huawei. What does it mean for Huawei users? The current users of the Huawei Smartphones do not need to worry, as the restriction on Huawei will not affect them. “For users of our service...[Read More]

“Game of Peace” Earns $14 Million Within 3 Days in Chinese App Stores

On May 9, 2019, a popular Tencent Chinese mobile game known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was pulled from China’s app stores. Right after that, it was replaced by a similar game “Game For Peace” which in 72 hours became the world’s highest grossing mobile battle royale title on IOS. Within these three days, the game started generating revenue and collected more than $14 million. Tencent,...[Read More]

Alert! China Takes Strict Actions Against Movie Piracy

China, a country highly known for strict digital policies, has now decided to take actions against groups involved in movie piracy. China’s Ministry of Public Security stated their decision as “an inevitable requirement for improving the competitiveness of China’s film and television industry.” Therefore, on Monday, 29th of April, in a press conference in Yangzhou, the Ministry o...[Read More]

Sri Lanka Bombings 2019: Easter or Disaster?

Easter is the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is supposed to be a happy event for the Christian brothers and sisters all over the world. Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. It is the day to be rejoiced and cherished around the globe and the Christian community enjoys the festival with full enthusiasm. They go to the church for special prayers on this day and ...[Read More]

Tesla Model S Catches Fire in China! Are Electric Cars Actually Safe?

This is not the first time we’ve heard that Tesla exploded. This time it happened in China, Shanghai, a massive market for the company. Tesla at first did not want to mention the model of the car that exploded. However, it could be seen in a short video on a Chinese Social media website, Weibo. The incident was reported on 21st April at 8:15 on the site and it was found that the model was Tesla’s ...[Read More]

Wireless Fujitsu keyboards: A Hacker’s Paradise, Is it true?

The security researchers of Germany had discovered blemish in the Fujitsu keyboard LX901. Due to this issue, the hackers can gain access to the computer of the victim and then they can purloin the personal information with the help of malware. The personal information includes passwords, credentials, credit card details, etc. The researchers of the firm SySS discovered this issue. They concluded t...[Read More]

Russia Planning to Ban VPN Services in the Country: Privacy, a Solution or Threat?

In Moscow, people were accessing blocked and censored websites through VPN services. Therefore on Thursday March 28th 2019 , a communication watchdog pressurised to block the usage of all VPN (virtual private network) services in the country. Russia blocked some sites including Dailymotion and Telegram due to some broad issues faced by the state. Laws of Russia have prevented people from using a f...[Read More]