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In today’s era, technology has become a major concern in almost all parts of our life. It is used in many ways, and without modern technology, any IT firm cannot progress. Thus, for example, it helps retrieve and store the information, which holds the key to the success of any organization. Data is a valuable tool, so to help ease things up regarding retrieving and storing information, Microsoft h...[Read More]

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At some point in our lives, we have all heard about Microsoft or used their products. This is because it offers many versatile tools that are useful for both individuals and large scale organizations. And to prove one’s proficiency in handling those tools, Microsoft has introduced various certifications that are aimed at equipping specialists with more hands-on skills and knowledge. So, this post ...[Read More]

Microsoft Creates an Application to Help Blind Canadians Move Around

Do you know what is interesting about Microsoft company? Microsoft is one of the companies who have come forward to help blind people in Canada through their technology. Not very far in the past, the company has developed another application intended to help blind Canadians to approach their everyday lives. The thought is to utilize an application known as Soundscape to produce 3D sound for the vi...[Read More]