Trip to Mexico: The Travel Guide

Mexico, the home to so many natural beaches and beautiful coastal resorts. When you go out there, you will sense the true colors of natural beauty. Mexico is known to be home to the world’s smallest volcano. Mexico covers 1.973 million km of the earth’s space, with a population of 129.2 million people. It is considered to be one of the most diverse nations in the world; it has 68 official lan...[Read More]

Mexico’s Walmart Penalized Suppliers To Gain Supremacy

In Mexico, the dominator Walmart has penalized suppliers of food companies who were providing grocery to Amazon. Amazon online is one of the biggest competitors of Walmart. Amazon wanted to gain supremacy in Mexico; however, Walmart’s actions might lead it to go down. Many suppliers have now moved back and are not supplying products to Amazon to maintain their business relationship with Walmart. L...[Read More]