Mental Illness

8 Signs That Scream That It’s Time To Get Help For Depression

Depression is a very scary and extreme mental disorder. Depression is nothing like momentary sadness or grief; in fact, it is a grueling and intense state of mind that is loaded with negativity. People with depression feel completely overwhelmed by negative emotions like self-hatred, guilt, and anger.  People with depression also lose interest in everything. They don’t feel like going t...[Read More]

6 Ways to Help Someone That Suffers from The Bipolar Disorder

When it comes to mental disorders like depression or Bipolar Disorder, unfortunately, our society does not give them the importance that they deserve. When someone is diagnosed with a physical condition, people are there to support their loved ones; however, they don’t do the same for their loved ones with mental disorders because of a lack of awareness. Bipolar disorder can be equally devas...[Read More]