Gaming: The New Cure!

By 2025, the market for digital therapeutics (DTx) is expected to reach $7.8 billion – but what are digital therapeutics? DTx is a subset of the digital health sector that provides evidence-based therapeutic interventions to alleviate symptoms of physiological and neurobehavioral conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and more. Knowing this, video games may help patien...[Read More]

Best Free Mobile Games & The Millions They Earn

Every year, our engagement with mobile gaming grows by 10%, and as our tiny in-app purchases rack up, the mobile gaming economy is making millions by the day. Take Fortnite, for example. In March 2018, the game was finally made available for iOS users. By December 2018 – just nine months later – Fortnite for iOS earned 93 million all-time downloads and was making $64 million per month....[Read More]

How to Protect your Kid from Cyberbullying – Tips for parents

For most kids, going to school can be quite stressful. Often, kids have to endure different pressures and peer issues, and one of them is bullying. Now with the advent of technology, bullying tracks kids to their homes and continues to traumatize them even after school hours. Cyberbullying is a cause for concern among parents, and keeping kids safe online is of the essence. Here are tips to preven...[Read More]

The Era of Revolution in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has replaced traditional strategies as one of the key parts of digital transformation. Things will get greater in 2019, with the reliance on this type of marketing expected to increase all over the place, for businesses growth. Therefore, we can say that the digital marketing revolution is shaping well. The capacity for entrepreneurs to understand, see and use their examination f...[Read More]

Latest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2020

It’s that time of year, B2B marketers. As the holiday seasons kicks into high apparatus and the countdown to another year accelerates, we all find ourselves looking our metaphorical gem balls to check what the new year will bring, and how we’ll improve ourselves and our B2B content marketing strategies, benefit from circumstances and side-step new challenges as they come. At present, the ide...[Read More]