Intel and Qualcomm Follow Google’s Footsteps in Shutting Down Business With Huawei

Intel and Qualcomm are following Google’s footprints. They both have teamed up with Google in cutting of Huawei’s business. Intel provides chipsets to for Huawei laptops and tablets, and Qualcomm provides modems and processors. With Intel and Qualcomm, many others are also in line to make this all a true nightmare for Huawei. According to Bloomberg, Intel and Qualcomm told their employees to stop ...[Read More]

Google Ends Business With Huawei All Thanks to the US – China Trade War

Google has actually suspended its business with Huawei. From the transfer of hardware to software, everything has been stopped by Google. Only tech services with open source licensing are going to be available for Huawei. What does it mean for Huawei users? The current users of the Huawei Smartphones do not need to worry, as the restriction on Huawei will not affect them. “For users of our service...[Read More]

Huawei P30 Pro Review 2020

Read the Huawei P30 Pro review to know more about the latest smartphone to hit shelves. Huawei is comparatively a new brand in the smartphone industry, yet it has managed to give competition to the market tycoons, Apple and Samsung. Huawei launched its first phone back in 2009.