How Can Your Device Be Hacked?

When using a computer connected to the network, you always run the risk of becoming a hacker victim. There is no ideal system protection against intruders. Well-crafted malware can provide access and control to computer hardware. These programs work at the lowest level, i.e., it is impossible to find them, except in the case when the system uses specialized protective software. To fight with hacke...[Read More]

Wireless Fujitsu keyboards: A Hacker’s Paradise, Is it true?

The security researchers of Germany had discovered blemish in the Fujitsu keyboard LX901. Due to this issue, the hackers can gain access to the computer of the victim and then they can purloin the personal information with the help of malware. The personal information includes passwords, credentials, credit card details, etc. The researchers of the firm SySS discovered this issue. They concluded t...[Read More]