Best Gaming Keyboards in 2020

If you have spent a large amount of your money buying the best gaming PC, then you should also get the right gaming keyboard to take your gaming experience to the next level. Regular keyboards might not give you a better gaming experience. You should consider buying a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting. As there are many rich-featured keyboards available around the market, therefore, we have pr...[Read More]

10 Best Gaming Tablets In 2019

If you want to enjoy your favorite mobile games, you should find a good tablet which can give you good gaming experience. To fully enjoy the visual effects of the game, you should have one of the best gaming tablets with a large screen and good battery life.   There are many wonderful tablets out there which will make your gaming experience enjoyable therefore we have rounded up our favorites here...[Read More]

10 Best Xbox One Games in 2020

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox One is the eighth-generation home video game console. The device was marketed by Microsoft as “all-in-one entertainment system”, thus called the ‘Xbox One’. Mostly positive reviews have been received by it because of its multimedia features, voice navigation, and controller design. However, this console also received some criticism for lower graphical level on running ...[Read More]

10 Best Sports Games to Play in 2019

Want to play a sports game? You might be wondering which game to choose? Of course, it’s difficult to choose between tons of sports video game out there. You must check out the list of 10 best sports games which you can play in your free time. Sports games not just present an energizing opportunity to fulfill one’s own deepest desires on the field of play, in fact, these games give you...[Read More]

10 Best Adventure Games for 2019

The adventure game genre developed in the 1970s and 1980s  has got a lot of fame now. Initially, the games were based on texts, but now the amazing and creative graphics leave you inspired. The best adventure games allow you to test your analytical skills and help you grow those. So, if you wish to have a good collection of this genre, follow the blog. Best Adventure Games of 2019 Following a...[Read More]

10 Best FPS Games For 2020

Though the FPS industry has faced both a boom and depression. Every time they faced difficulties, the designers come up with something exciting and captivating. The most important thing is the control, your screen is your eyes, and your mouse is your gun. Generally speaking, these games have two modes, the default or mission mode for a single player, and multiplayer mode, which allows participants...[Read More]

Best RPGs to Play in 2020

Shakespeare once said, “This world is a stage, and we all are actors”. This quote fits best when it comes to the best RPGs. In this genre, you are supposed to act like the character and take decisions, perform duties and tasks as required. This genre is thought to be a collaborative and interactive way of storytelling. Best Roleplaying games are as under: Best RPGs in 2020 Final Fantasy XV The sto...[Read More]

“Game of Peace” Earns $14 Million Within 3 Days in Chinese App Stores

On May 9, 2019, a popular Tencent Chinese mobile game known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was pulled from China’s app stores. Right after that, it was replaced by a similar game “Game For Peace” which in 72 hours became the world’s highest grossing mobile battle royale title on IOS. Within these three days, the game started generating revenue and collected more than $14 million. Tencent,...[Read More]

Mobile Gaming Industry: The Timeline

Gaming, undoubtedly, has become very integrated with modern popular culture that even a 4-year-old has started to love. Video games have been around since the early 70’s. Mobile gaming began in 1997 with the Snake game becoming the first hit mainstream mobile game. In the last 20 years, mobile games have gone from the very simple to virtual games, played by thousands simultaneously every day...[Read More]

PUBG: A Curse or a Blessing?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds short formed into PUBG is a game probably known to everyone by now because of being popular in speech. PUBG game is published by Tencent games. It is basically a competitive survival shooter game. In this game, you can use a variety of exciting weapons and vehicles in the Battleground. It is available for Android and iOS both. The Android version of the game can be fo...[Read More]

5 Best VPNs for Gaming

I’m sure you all remember the days of the 90’s when arcade games ruled the world and every kid wanted to play all day long. Well, the love for games has never fallen, but the gaming era has developed. Nowadays games are 3D and fully action packed trying to make it as real as possible. With the rise in technology and multiplayer facilities game lovers are bored playing against the compu...[Read More]