Door Lock

How to Repair a Patio Door Lock: Step By Step Guideline

Do you need to change your patio door lock but are lost in the endless array of locking systems? Rather than calling a locksmith and dreading the bill going up, you can do it yourself! And to avoid ending up with an incompatible lock, we give you all the keys to success. With a little knowledge, anyone can repair a patio door lock. All you need is a set of tools. But then again, if you are not com...[Read More]

How to Repair Jammed Car Door Lock: The Definite Guideline

Think that you are late for your office and you have an important client meeting there. After being ready, you are going to unlock your car, and it is not opening. You are trying and trying, but it is not really working; actually, it is jammed, and your car door lock is stuck. How would you feel at that time? Surely very disgusting. Maybe you have faced this type of situation, and that is why you ...[Read More]