Cyber security

Understanding the Importance of Penetration Testing To Your Business

When they’re not proactive with their network’s security, any business can potentially lose their major assets, customers, clients, and a significant amount of money. There is so much to lose when a company’s IT department fails to assess a potential cyber attack during the operation. In today’s world, where technology continually evolves, every business must invest in performing penetration testi...[Read More]

How Can Your Device Be Hacked?

When using a computer connected to the network, you always run the risk of becoming a hacker victim. There is no ideal system protection against intruders. Well-crafted malware can provide access and control to computer hardware. These programs work at the lowest level, i.e., it is impossible to find them, except in the case when the system uses specialized protective software. To fight with hacke...[Read More]

Cyber Threats And The Ways To Prevent Them

Almost everyone is aware of cybercrimes and internet threats to desktop devices. Hackers who are consistently evolving even faster than viruses these days are launching mobile versions of those desktop threats. Year by year, the number of people falling prey to cybercrimes is increasing. Let’s first check out a few types of threats that mobile devices face so that we can figure out how to de...[Read More]

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Phone

According to one study by National Public Radio, over half of the kids in the USA own a smartphone by the age of 11. Furthermore, the study reveals that 84 percent of teenagers have their phones.  This is how smartphones are becoming accessible for every age group in the country.  While the use of smartphones has simplified communication more than ever, the associated concerns can’t be sideli...[Read More]

4 Types of Ransomware You Should Be Aware of and Must Avoid

Computer malware can be annoying, and it does not matter whether you get it on your work computer or house laptop; it can cause you a lot of damage. While there are several different type of computer viruses out there, the one that can be highly dangerous is Ransomware. This virus comes in different shapes, and it can affect your computer significantly. Generally, Ransomware is a malware that atta...[Read More]

Cyber Threats: Possible Techniques To Counter Them

Cyber Threats! What are They? A cyber threat is a mischievous act that damages or steals the data of an individual or organization through any digital device. A cyber-attack can be life threatening too. Sources of cyber threats may include industrial spies, hackers, terrorists, business competitors or even criminal organizations. Attackers are present everywhere; they might be sitting beside you a...[Read More]