Impact Of Coronavirus On Sports

Due to coronavirus, the world is significantly impacted by the cancellation of major sports. No games will be played across the whole world, which means a reduction in ticket sales. The world has gone dark by losing around $160 billion In just the month of march 2020. A high number of consequences have been faced by athletes, team leaders, organizations, and a high number of people who are related...[Read More]

Countries that have Banned Social Media

Do you have an idea that some countries have banned social media? It is shocking, right? Leaving a big WHY? Whereas social media has turned out to be so crucial in our everyday lives that we underestimate it. Social media is about something beyond opportunity. It’s a useful tool that has destabilized harsh governments and saved lives. Social media is a powerful tool today. It makes it feasib...[Read More]

Alert! China Takes Strict Actions Against Movie Piracy

China, a country highly known for strict digital policies, has now decided to take actions against groups involved in movie piracy. China’s Ministry of Public Security stated their decision as “an inevitable requirement for improving the competitiveness of China’s film and television industry.” Therefore, on Monday, 29th of April, in a press conference in Yangzhou, the Ministry o...[Read More]