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10 Best Puzzle Video Games in 2020

We all have seen video games revolutionizing our learning experiences and developing strategic skills. The genre that has focused more on building our imagination, problem-solving skills, and taught us to work under pressure are puzzle games. It is a gripping way of opening our minds to learn some new sets of skills. If you are willing to treat your brain and challenge yourself, here is the list o...[Read More]

10 Best Nintendo Switch Games in 2019

March 2017, when the whole experience of gaming was turned around. It was the time when Nintendo Switch came into existence and changed our perceptions of gaming altogether with its exciting and amazing Nintendo Switch exclusives.   Nintendo Switch has honestly raised the bars for future hybrid consoles. Here are some of the fantastic features of Nintendo Switch: You are not restricted to play gam...[Read More]

10 Best PS4 Games to Have in 2020

Sony had been determined to correct its mistakes that resulted in the ‘less than successful run’ with its PlayStation 3. It was now onto releasing a console with the mass appeal of PlayStation 2, which still is the all-time bestselling console. Coming to the new console, PlayStation 4, it offers better graphical capabilities and processing, has increased emphasis on social interaction with other s...[Read More]

10 Best Xbox One Games in 2020

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox One is the eighth-generation home video game console. The device was marketed by Microsoft as “all-in-one entertainment system”, thus called the ‘Xbox One’. Mostly positive reviews have been received by it because of its multimedia features, voice navigation, and controller design. However, this console also received some criticism for lower graphical level on running ...[Read More]

10 Best Adventure Games for 2019

The adventure game genre developed in the 1970s and 1980s  has got a lot of fame now. Initially, the games were based on texts, but now the amazing and creative graphics leave you inspired. The best adventure games allow you to test your analytical skills and help you grow those. So, if you wish to have a good collection of this genre, follow the blog. Best Adventure Games of 2019 Following a...[Read More]

10 Best FPS Games For 2020

Though the FPS industry has faced both a boom and depression. Every time they faced difficulties, the designers come up with something exciting and captivating. The most important thing is the control, your screen is your eyes, and your mouse is your gun. Generally speaking, these games have two modes, the default or mission mode for a single player, and multiplayer mode, which allows participants...[Read More]

Best RPGs to Play in 2020

Shakespeare once said, “This world is a stage, and we all are actors”. This quote fits best when it comes to the best RPGs. In this genre, you are supposed to act like the character and take decisions, perform duties and tasks as required. This genre is thought to be a collaborative and interactive way of storytelling. Best Roleplaying games are as under: Best RPGs in 2020 Final Fantasy XV The sto...[Read More]