Is Beyblade Trend Over Or The Sport Moved Into Millions Of Homes?

Every year we see a new toy emerging in the market, but a few leave an everlasting impression than the others. Where every toy these days comes with buttons and batteries, it is nice to have a diversion from routine. Remember the time; spinning tops used to be the most fun and entertaining toy for kids, which took a drastic turn when a newer version of tops came into the market, Beyblades. It is m...[Read More]

Gogoanime: Watch Anime Online for Free in 2023

The world where technology and advancement are taking place, it is hard for people to stay emotionally fit and healthy. They have various responsibilities and less time to keep up with entertainment. The overloaded and hectic day makes a person stressed. Multiple ways are considered to divert a person’s mind from stress like meditation, watching movies and also by listening to songs. Games are als...[Read More]

15 Best Anime Of All Time That You Have To See 2023

Do you know the best anime? Don’t worry. We have prepared a list which contains all the best anime for you to watch. Animes are taking over the world. These Japanese cartoon series offer you a funny, romantic, adventurous and also an action-packed experience. Animes have a charm of their own. No matter if you’re old or young,  there might be some animes or the other which you can watch and l...[Read More]

17 Little-Known Amazing Facts About Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha needs no introduction. A pivotal character in the Naruto Universe, this beloved character has won the hearts of many. He has also become the anime fan’s favorite older brother so let’s head right into some fun facts that you wish you knew about this tragic ninja. Beware: this article contains spoilers, so read this at your own risk! Little-Known Amazing Facts About Itachi Uchiha 17. ...[Read More]