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Surfshark is a famous VPN which offers people security, excellent speed and confidentiality. Surfshark VPN allows you to surf the internet quickly and comfortably. You can use numerous devices at a time without facing any ads or disturbance 

Pricing Plans

Like all other services, Surfshark VPN offers three different payment plans which are suitable for allSurfshark Pricing Plan

  • 30 days: $12.95 a month = $155.40 a year
  • 2 years: $2.49 a month = $29.88 a year
  • 3 years: $1.99 a month = $23.88 a year

Surfshark Free Trial

Payment Methods

You can pay through the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Crypto Currency
  • Alipay
  • PayPal
  • Dragonpay
  • Tenpay

Choose whichever payment method is more convenient for you.

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What Is A VPN?

VPN (Virtual private networking) is one private way which secures your location and privacy online. The VPN replaces the IP address of your device and hides your location. It defends your data from hackers and even online spy organizations. Through a VPN you can:

  • Download Anonymously
  • Security of public Wi-Fi
  • Avoid ISP tracing
  • Share with confidentially
  • Bypass blocked websites
  • Keep data secured

How Does It Work?

After connecting to the internet through your ISP, your network sends data by the help of routers to reach its target. When data is sent to the website or location you are using, there might be chances that your data would be completely unencrypted (plain text). Even encrypted data will comprise particular info, for example, your IP address, with it to communicate with the internet appropriately.

Secondly, your actions are merely observed by your ISP or anyone thoroughly watching your connection. In this way, if you connect to the internet, it is effortless for your ISP to see what websites you are browsing and what files you are downloading.

There are many questions you might have regarding Surfshark VPN. Don’t worry; we are here to tell you all we know about this VPN service provider. In our Surfshark VPN review, you’ll find information about prices, speed .security and confidentially. So read the full Surfshark VPN review to find out everything about this fantastic application.

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Why You Should Buy Surfshark VPN

Highly Secure

After using different VPN services, we have seen that Surfshark provides its users with high security. It is entirely free from viruses and won’t harm your device at all. That means that now you can install this VPN on your device without any worries. It keeps your IP address safe and doesn’t leak any information of its users.

Surfshark VPN Review

Safe from 14 Prying Eyes

The 14 prying eyes are those locations which seek information from those networks inside their area. That makes it clear that VPNs working inside their geographical locations are also not secured and the regions can access their data as well. The authorities can take such actions without any permission or authorization. However, Surfshark VPN doesn’t allow such things to happen. It is highly secure and doesn’t pass any information from its users to authorities.

No Data Collection Policy

Are you concerned about your personal data? Obviously, no one likes to share their information with service providers. However, guess what, Surfshark VPN service doesn’t collect any extra data from users. Firstly, they will ask for your email address to run your account and provide you with a service. Your email address will receive updates and notifications which are necessary for every user. Other than that Surfshark VPN service will save your order history. Which means it will include payment amount, date of payment, currency, etc.

Surfshark No-log Policy

Such information is highly needed to make payments. Other than that the network doesn’t save any of your browsing history, IP addresses or connection timestamps.

The information kept safe by Surfshark includes

  • Diagnostics
  • Payment information
  • Email addresses

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That shows now you don’t have to fear about your personal data getting leaked or hacked. Recently, no one has ever faced a problem by using Surfshark VPN which means that they highly prioritize their no log policy.

High Speed

If you are paying for a VPN provider, then it’s essential that the service maintains your internet speed. Why would someone use a VPN which offers low speed when others are better? After using this VPN service provider, we saw that the speed is not bad, but at times it gets inconsistent. Usually while using a VPN, the downloading speed does drop.

However, if I compare Surshark with other VPNs, it’s not that bad. Remember, you should always connect with a server location that is closet to your current location. The closer you are, the better the speed you’ll receive.

Access to Netflix and Torrent

After testing many VPN networks, we have experienced that they don’t offer Netflix or torrenting. But Surfshark is entirely different. In any part of the world, you can use Netflix or Torrent with the help of this VPN. With just a few easy steps to get access to your favorite TV shows or films through Netflix US.

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You can install or download Surfshark on your IOS, Android, Microsoft, MACOS, or Linux easily. If you have an android or IOS device, you can get a 30-day money back guarantee or even a seven days trial for this VPN. I know it sounds great.

Surfshark is P2P friendly which means that from any location you can easily download content with the help of torrent.

Surshark’s unlimited bandwidth helps to access any website without slowing down the internet speed.


Many of you might not know how to use a VPN or what a VPN is but Surfshark is user-friendly. With just a click you can start using the app.

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Surprisingly, even though Surfshark is a new VPN service, they have managed to rapidly enhance their servers.

Surfshark VPN servers

Currently, subscriber can enjoy 800+ servers spread across 50+ countries. All servers are exceptionally fast, so you can connect enter any digital space you wish. However, as an expert VPN review specialist, we advise that you always connect to servers that are closer to your present location. That way, you can enjoy a higher speed and good non-stop uptime.

Surfshark Protocol Features

Surfshark provides two different protocoling tunnels including OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec.

IKEv2/IPsec offers various features which allow users to stream Netflix and bypass restricted websites. Internet Key Exchange is a verification technique and a protected tunneling protocol established by Microsoft and Cisco. Considered to be a secure system of tunneling for equally consumer and enterprise use, IKEv2 provides low-security overhead and resilient encryption, with a diversity of options for safety and connection customization.

OpenVPN can switch UDP and TCP. OpenVPN is an open and good source tunneling protocol. As an open source venture, its code is spontaneously available on the internet, and it steadily receives updates and maintenance from safekeeping and networking professionals from across the world.

OpenVPN practices the OpenSSL library for safety encryption. OpenSSL permits for a variety of encryption approaches and security levels, with up to 256-bit encryption being conceivable. Exactly how much encryption is set will vary from supplier to provider, with excellent encryption rates having more security overhead. The more overhead a safety implementation has, the gentler the connection will be. So it’s not unusual for providers to find equilibrium between safety and speed.

Surfshark VPN allows you to install the app on mostly any device. Additional features include you to access TOR along with its VPN to get extra security of your device.

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Surfshark VPN Customer Support

Surfshark Customer Support Rivipedia

Surfshark offers outstanding customer support. You can ask them anything through their live chat option or email. If you ask a query through their chat, then they’ll answer you within a minute or two. The people responding to your queries know well about their work, and they respond to any question you ask. They try to provide you with the best customer service possible.

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Drawbacks of Using Surfshark VPN

Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything you use has pros and cons both. But if the advantages are more than the disadvantages, then you should consider using it. Let’s see what the drawbacks are of using Surfshark VPN service.

Poor Email Response

One thing we felt wrong about this VPN is that the representatives took time on responding to email queries. That leaves an entirely wrong impression. Emails not being responded can hurt their customer loyalty. Many other service providers reply late to their emails, but they don’t leave any email unresponded. According to us, they should improve their email support.

Inconsistent Speed

We have noticed that the speed of this VPN is not consistent at all times. There are times when the pace gets very low, and you are unable to use or download anything.

Surfshark VPN Review: The Verdict

After testing all different kinds of VPN service providers, we have finally concluded that people should use Surfshark VPN service. It provides good speed, and the 24-months plan is affordable for all. For a year you have to pay $23.88. Even if you want to access Netflix US or Torrent, this is one VPN provider who would not cause any obstacle or barrier. At any point, if you have any query, you can chat with the customer support, and they will respond quickly.

As you can see the rate of cybercrimes is also increasing. Current technologies are helping hackers to access new ways to gather other data and information. So in such threats, Surfshark is one way to keep your data safe and secure from hackers.

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We recommend you all to use Surfshark VPN because the advantages are more than its cons. They provide you with high-quality security at a reasonable price. So start using this software today, and share this Surfshark VPN review with all your friends.

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