Statement Contemporary Design Features for a Modern Home

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Contemporary Design Features for a Modern Home

Redecorating or dramatically redesigning one or more rooms in your home is a project of passion, excitement, and, of course, forward planning.

Here are four statement contemporary design features for a modern home and how to introduce a contemporary feel in your interior living spaces.

Natural Lighting

One of the pinnacles of contemporary design in private homes is that of natural and open lighting, and the good news is that even if your property seems to lack areas of natural light, there are ways around this.

Use mirrors, the longer and more ornate the better, to reflect and expand the volume of natural light coming in through the windows and do away with heavy curtains reaching the floor.

A Curved Statement Sofa

Next up, when looking for a stunning new focal point for your living room, a fashionably on-trend and fabulous investment piece would be a curved statement sofa, from designers such as ligne roset chelsea, in a bold and vibrant shade.

Curved lines in more intimate and cozier, less practical rooms, such as the bedroom and lounge, serve to enhance the contemporary feel and provide a striking focal point for the space.

When choosing a focal point for a room, considering the following tips will stand you in good stead:

  • Focal points tend to be larger than a lampshade.
  • In bathrooms and kitchens, splashbacks are the ideal focus.
  • Regardless of the focal piece, always accompanied with a lighting source.
  • Accent walls should be located at the farthest point from the doorway.

An Eco-Friendly Focus

Finally, and not before time, the world of fashion and design, not to mention the manufacturing industry too, has caught up to the fact that sustainability is not only morally and ethically important but is also fast becoming a necessity.

Recent consumer polls have conclusively proven that, both in the United Kingdom and in the US as well, potential buyers are far more interested in the supply chain of a leading retailer being sustainable and eco-friendly than before.

For this reason, natural and earthy design palettes are a powerful and almost dominating feature of contemporary modern design, so for a truly modern home, focusing on the sustainability potential of each feature should be at the forefront of your mind.

A Neutral Base

The fourth and final modern design feature, which is just as fitting for a small flat as it would be a larger property, is keeping the walls, floors, and ceilings as neutral as possible.

The beauty of introducing a more neutral palette to the foundations of each room is that you have that proverbial clean sheet of paper on which to introduce a mixture of different fabrics, contrasting colors, and eclectic wall art into the space.

Moreover, neutral textures and walls also provide a myriad of different finishes for you to consider, from shiny mirrored surfaces to different colors and shades of wood.

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