5 Signs Your Business Needs a New CRM System in 2019

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Whether you are running a large company or an SMB, you have to think about managing your data. If you are still using folders and paper records to keep track of your business, that is a ride you’d want to get off as soon as possible. Not only are you wasting energy and time, both yours and your employees’, but you are also jeopardizing the success of your company. One of the best actions you can take in this case is to invest your money in a CRM system. Your productivity will significantly rise. However, if you are having any second thoughts about whether you really need it or not, here are five reasons your business needs a new CRM system.

Papers Are Cramping Up At Your Desk

We live in the age of advanced technology, and it is only natural that we use it to our advantage. With that in mind, why would you set your business back by hundreds of years, still relying on folders and paper records? If you are lost when deciding what the next step is when reaching your customer, your business is in trouble. Imagine that you have to dig through hundreds of e-mails to find the information you are looking for. Papers are piling up everywhere, and it gets harder and harder to keep track of every piece of information you might need. This is the first out of 5 signs your business needs a new CRM system.

Sure, a CRM system costs money, but that is an investment that will get your money back in no time.

You Don’t Have All Your Information At One Location

All of your business data should be stored in one place. That is something that a CRM system does easily. If you have multiple offices within your company, it is impossible to keep everything you need in one room. This wastes a lot of time. Since we all know that time is money, you are risking severe financial issues here. Do not gamble with an opportunity to close a deal, only to lose it because you are behind schedule when you can’t find all the data you need. With CRM, everything is accessible with a simple click.

A bunch of paper records

Do You Know What Your Sales Team Is Doing?

If you constantly have to call your sales representatives on the phone to check what they are doing, let me tell you there is a better way. Keeping track of the opportunities shouldn’t waste your time and energy. Furthermore, if you want to know what the current step of closing the deal with a client is, the information must be within your hands’ reach in a matter of seconds. Here is where a CRM system really pays out. Believe it or not, I spent a lot of years working in sales, and having a CRM system paid out a million times. It is the best solution you can find to optimize your business. It will not only help you allocate your time and resources but also provide real-time insight into what your sales team is up to.

Key To Success – Customer Service

  • Do you know if your customers are satisfied with the service you provide?
  • How often do you reach out to your clients in an attempt to improve their experience?
  • Do you know how to exceed your customer’s expectations?

All of these are just an example of crucial questions that you should ask yourself from time to time. The key to success is customer experience, and it rapidly changes every year. The reality is that you won’t even know that your customer service is under performing until you feel it in your pocket.

CRM System

An excellent way to keep trail of your customers’ needs is to use a CRM system. First, you will have all of your clients at one location. Second, you’ll have quick and easy access to their e-mails and phone numbers. Last but not least, you can keep personalized info on every client, which is essential if you want to improve the quality of your service. The system can also allow you to offer exclusive coupon codes to all your loyal clients.

Can You Scale Your Business?

Retaining clients is indeed much harder than chasing new leads. However, every business must scale at some point. It is the key to building a profitable and robust company. If you are failing to scale your business, investing in a new CRM system might save your company. For example, let’s imagine that you are keeping track of all of your clients in an Excel spreadsheet. While Excel is valuable in so many ways, you will have thousands and thousands of sheets and tables.

This may be acceptable if you are just starting your business, but let’s take it to the point when you want to scale it. As with everything we do, at some point, you will get new ideas to implement, and add further information to the already existing clients. However, you also must add new clients to your spreadsheet. That means you will have to update the info on the already existing customers, or you will have inconsistent data. That is a tremendous amount of work, and errors are bound to happen.

If you can relate to any of the above mentioned five signs your business needs a new CRM system, it is time for an upgrade. Don’t waste any more of your time, energy, and resources. Implement a solution that will help you keep track of everything you and your team does, and have all the data at one centralized location! The success of your company depends on it!

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