3 Reasons Why Bray Wyatt Must Defeat John Cena at WrestleMania 36

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The wrestling fans are already in a lot of stress because of the upcoming big fight. You all must already know, but for those who don’t, Bray Wyatt, aka The Fiend, is about to wrestle John Cena at WrestleMania 36. This is the biggest match of Bray Wyatt’s career, and he must definitely defeat John Cena to maintain himself in the RAW. The paterfamilias of the Wyatt Family has always been and will be leading their followers to this grand stage. They have to defeat the biggest star in Vince McMahon’s company, who is John Cena.

As John Cena is certainly a top star in the industry, he will be facing Bray Wyatt who is yet an untested talent. In order to prove himself to everyone, including the audience, Bray Wyatt must definitely defeat John Cena in this grand fight.

As you all must remember, the fight between Randy Orton and John Cena back in Royal Rumble? That night John Cena got his title as the WWE Shop. It was due to the interference of Bray Wyatt and his family which gave John Cena the title and the championship belt. Another interference that Bray Wyatt and his family did was in the Elimination Chamber. The round did not concern them at all, but they did it anyway. This was when Bray caught the attention of John Cena, and since then they have been preparing for war at the WrestleMania 36.

1. To Build Up His Lost Image

Well, bad news for all John Cena fans but it is really important for Bray Wyatt to defeat John Cena at this war. The question that arises here is why? Well, let us tell you that. We all know that Bray Wyatt is at the stage where any fight would be beneficial for him. On the other hand, this fight is already important for him since it is with John Cena. Well, it is no surprise for the WWE fans that every new star usually goes after John Cena after a point in their careers. These include Wade Barrett and The Miz.

Although we understand that Bray Wyatt is different, he doesn’t seem too interested in moving on with the company of Vince McMahon. He doesn’t seem to believe that beating John Cena would do him a lot good, but it would actually put him up on a good position.

2. To Prove His Statement against John Cena

Bray Wyatt is said to be a special one in WrestleMania 36 . He is the one who understands the true personalities of all wrestlers behind the mask they wear on the stage. He speaks in riddles and wants to be sure to have all the answers all by himself.

This is exactly how he dissected John Cena as well. As per Bray’s opinion, John Cena is nothing but a liar who has lied and deceived his fans for a long time. Bray thinks that it is high time that John Cena makes his way out of the industry. Bray wants to make sure to defeat John Cena and instantly get respect and believe from his fans who right now perceive Bray nothing more than an act of novelty.

This is mostly because his fellow former NXT standouts known as The Shield has dominated the WWE and the success of his family is at best. Bray and his family are merely considered as an entertainment in the WWE whereas the point of this WrestleMania 36 fight is to change that.

If this fight declares the win of Bray Wyatt over John Cena, the entire perspective of Bray and his family could change. It would be the next step to legitimatizing the personality of Bray Wyatt. The defeat of John Cena would make Bray the star of the company and the audience would definitely include him in the elite class. Beating John Cena would change his personality and make him more dangerous and unpredictable than ever.

3. Replacing the Best

Although, the recent win of Bray Wyatt in the Royal Rumble against Daniel Bryan was amazing but defeating John Cena would be huge and of course beneficial for Bray Wyatt and his image in the Vince McMahon’s company.

This would be one step ahead for Bray Wyatt in the industry. It would elate him to a higher status. On the other hand, if Bray wins the WWE championship this year, it would be a huge step and would take him directly to the exclusive class of the company.


If The Fiend wants to shine, there is no better timing than this. It would be the most beneficial fight for him to win against the number 1 talent in the industry. This is not something only Bray desires to have; this is a must-win situation for The Fiend since he needs to win that fight to make up his image and get to the top of the ladder.

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