5 Good Reasons to Retire in Brisbane

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Retire in Brisbane

Let’s face it, we work hard for most of our lives and when we finally clock out for the last time, we should be looking forward to our golden years and some financial security. Wherever you live in Australia, Brisbane is a natural retirement destination; sell the family home and spend some of the money on a luxury condo or pool villa in sunny Brisbane and enjoy your free time.

Here are a few good reasons to choose Brisbane as your retirement destination.

Fantastic weather

No one likes to be cold and if you are no longer on that hamster wheel chasing the dollar, why not live in a tropical climate? Build a pool villa and call in Brisbane arborists to plant a few palm trees and exotic shrubs and invite the kids for the weekend! Winters are so mild, they don’t present any problems, which is great if you have arthritis!

Glorious beaches

The coastline is home to stunning beaches and living nearby means a cool breeze, which is a welcome change from Sydney CBD. You can drive along the coastal road early in the morning and spend a few hours walking your favourite stretch of beach; evenings offer amazing sunsets and who wouldn’t like to live in such a paradise?

Wide range of amenities

As Brisbane is the retirement hub, there are all the facilities you need, with an emphasis on leisure and entertainment. Hospitals and clinics are in abundance and if you are into golf, you’ll be pleased to learn they have some world-class courses in and around Brisbane.

Real estate investment

When you buy real estate in Brisbane, you are making a very wise long-term investment; land prices are always on the rise and such a desirable location demands top dollar prices. Take a look at the real estate analysts and what they are saying about Brisbane and NSW in general; if you had bought 5 years ago, you would be very happy with today’s prices. Click here for information on Bali vacations.

Build your dream retirement home

If you have had a successful career and are looking for some luxury living, why not invest in a pool villa in a prime location? Acquire the land and bring in a master builder who builds to order and you can spend your golden years in your dream home. Crunch the numbers and if it is doable, start looking at land plots and before you know it, you will have the ideal set of blueprints and the build is underway.

If you only have a few years to go before you reach retirement age, now is the perfect time to start planning for the day when you say goodbye to employment. Talk it over with your partner and if they are in agreement, start looking at properties and have your home valued and if the mortgage is paid off, you won’t have any money worries.

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