Ten Reasons for Moving to PEI from Ontario

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Ten Reasons for Moving to PEI from Ontario

Prince Edward Island is the smallest and least populous province in Canada. Only 140,000 people live in this province. If you want to live peacefully, without any hassle or busyness, you should move to this province. Prince Edward Island is a small province with a lower crime rate. You will get an excellent education quality there.

Do you want to move to this province? Are you finding the reasons for moving there? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 reasons for moving to PEI from Ontario. We hope it will be very informative for you.

Ten reasons for moving to PEI from Ontario

There have many reasons for moving to PEI from Ontario. Among them, we are giving you the best ten reasons so that you can understand the significance of living in this province. These are as follows:

Relaxed Life:

The hustle and bustle of cities are not available in this province. This is a very calm and quiet province of Canada. You will get a feel of a small town here. Absolutely no rush hour here. Every time there is a very peaceful environment.

If you want to lead a peaceful and relaxed life, you should move to this province. Here you will get the feel of a big city without the hassle. This is the smallest province, and the least population lives here. That is why you should move here.

Education System:

In this province, the education system is perfect. Prince Edward Island has popularity and reputation for its education system, especially for elementary and secondary school. There have 62 schools and five universities in this province.

So, you will get a better chance to study in Canada and peaceful environment. Here education cost is also less than in other regions. That is another reason for moving to this province.

Less Cost of Living:

If you move to this province, you will be surprised to see the quiet environment, a big city without any hassle, traffic jams, etc. You will also be surprised to see that the living cost of this province is less than any other area. That is another reason you can choose this province to live in.

Walking Distance Workplaces

Prince Edward Island is famous for its walking distance workplaces. You will be able to go to your workplace by your foot in many cases. Sometimes maximum you will need a short drive to go to your office. So is this province your transportation cost is also zero.  


In this province, you will get various types of foods for you—Prince Edward Island is famous for its seafood. Many people visit this province to try the world-famous seafood. You will get a luxurious service of restaurants here.

Different types of crabs, lobsters, many kinds of fishes are available here. So, if you are a food lover, it can be one of your choices.


This province also has beauties and beaches. You can spend your weekend in Victoria park with a beautiful boardwalk. You can also visit the very charming Brackley Beach and Cavendish Beach. That means you can have great fun at your weekend if you will live in this province. We can say that beauty is another reason for moving to this province.  

Public Services:

You will get all other modern facilities in this province like hospitals, churches, banks, the automobile industry, and many other necessary services for you. So, you will not face any problem of getting services when you are living in this province.

Golf Courses:

Prince Edward Island is a place for playing golf, especially in Charlottetown. There have some golf clubs there, and you can complete some courses there. Approximately 22 courses are conducted there for playing golf.

Home of Anne of Green Gables:

A very famous book series was created by Lucy Maud Montgomery. In those books, there was an orphan girl named Anne who lives at Green Gables. Mainly this book series is inspired by her life living in this province. That is why we can say that this is a historical place too.

Birthplace of Canada:

Charlottetown, the capital of this province, played host to the birth of Canada. That is why we can say that this province has a great significance in the birth of Canada.

Mainly these are the top ten reasons for living in Prince Edward Island.


Prince Edward Island is one of the best provinces for living. You will have a feel of a big city without any hassles, traffic jams, etc. Here in this article, we have discussed the top ten reasons for moving to PEI from Ontario. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you to know about this province also.

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