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This Hong Kong-based VPN service, PureVPN, has been serving security and ultimate accessibility since 2007. The official site shows that the administration is working 24/7 all around the globe with more than 2000+ servers in 140 nations. This review covers the majority of the capacities and elements that settle on the VPN a mainstream decision regarding the consistency of its web clients.

Pricing Plans

There are three evaluating arrangements to look over.

  • The two years membership seeks $2.88/month
  • The one-year membership seeks $4.08/month
  • The 1-month PureVPN membership seeks $10.95/month

Pick Your Plan

1 Month Plan
$ 10.95
Per Month
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Billed $10.95 Monthly
31-Day Money Back Guarantee

Save 74%
2 Years Plan
$ 2.88
Per Month
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Billed $69.12  2Years
31-Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Plan
$ 4.08
Per Month
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Billed $48.96 yearly
31-Day Money Back Guarantee

Payment Steps

In our review, we tried the three-step buying process:

Step 1

Choose the package and select Add-ons

Step 2

Create an Account or enter login details.

Step 3

Redirected to relevant gateway according to the chosen payment method

Once the procedure has been finished, you will get an email on you’re the information of the VPN login process. Here, you can enter your customer login credentials of the PureVPN and finally the customer may utilize the VPN service.

PureVPN Payment Options

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FAQ’s – PureVPN

Does PureVPN Offer Multi-Account Support?

Yes, they allow users to utilize a single account on up to 5 devices simultaneously from the same country. So, you are safe, anonymous and trouble-free while using the internet on your Smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop and other devices. You can use the same Username and Password on all five devices. However, PureVPN does not offer multi-login on Mobile Account.

Which Servers are fast?

PureVPN offers servers with speed up to 1Gbps, but each server may give you different speed depending on geographical distance and supported protocol by your ISP. You are suggested to visit our server recommendation tool www.purevpn.com/speed-test for best server depending on your location and purpose.

Is PureVPN Safe?

From our review, we can safely say that this VPN service is safe to utilize. We have downloaded their applications on various gadgets, utilized their services available on different servers, and led intensive tests to discover any imperfections or shortcomings. Given the outcomes from our testing, PureVPN is protected to utilize and offer important elements and brilliant execution.

Unique Selling Proposition

We found that Split-Tunneling instrument is obviously its unique offering and is highly recommended. The element permits the customer to use PureVPN for various applications. In this way, the user can get access to the entire online blocked web content and stay safe at possible times 24/7.

This VPN is very easy to use and can easily be enabled or disabled. All those users who want to load off their pressure on the VPN tunnel and get better performance shall use this. Clients searching for substantial VPN use shall be benefited the most from this service.

Pure VPN Windows

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PureVPN Trial

A trial can help a client try different things with a VPN service without doing a full duty. Since the encryption quality offered by most VPN providers is affected by various components, VPN benefits frequently offer either unpaid trials or discount insurances to clients. In this review, we found that trial is accessible through the three- day cash back assurance. Clients can experiment with the full scope of PureVPN components, capacities etc.

PureVPN trial gives clients a reliable VPN on their desktop, portable PCs, mobiles, switches and different gadgets. What’s more, trial clients can likewise look for backing from the Live Chat framework to get their issues and inquiries resolved immediately. This gives an opportunity to clients to investigate their problems with the management officials, or request repayment of the service if they need to surrender the membership.

The trial additionally gives clients an opportunity to use the custom working framework or consoles. The other favorable position of instructional exercises and setup guides gives additional support that is not naturally inaccessible with other VPN service providers.

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Server Spread and Locations of PureVPN

For our thorough VPN review, we found that the supplier brags a server-quality of more than 2000+ servers. These servers are spread out crosswise over 140 nations. The biggest gathering of PureVPN servers is situated in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Other than these, they have no less than two servers located in the various nations.

This service provider has a decent server spread, and its frequent users know it very well. A suitable server spread to give clients most extreme online accessibility, availability and security. The PureVPN review revealed that it goes above and beyond and incorporates server in those nations also, where the online accessibility is restricted to the maximum level, and users are unable to watch their favorite content without a VPN.

PureVPN Review Netflix

That is the most successful service behind why PureVPN has three ideal servers in China. Their servers are all over the world while the central part of the server include remains the US and UK. It has further extended its server areas in the Asian, European, American and African locales also, where few servers have been included to encourage the clients.

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PureVPN Android App

Android users can have the most benefit of using PureVPN with the latest build of android app. To help our users, we have personally tested and realized that the device of the user stays safe from all harmful agencies and unblocks the entire online blocked content! The android client has up to 2 GB of bandwidth and gives supports to the update options.

PureVPN Android App

First, the user needs to download the app and sign up using the respective email address. On the email, the user will receive a three digit code for activation. Click the plug icon from the server options. Over here, the user needs to select between OpenVPN and OpenVPN TCP by the icon of the hamburger on the top right side!

PureVPN Android App 1

This android app allows the user to watch unlimited movies and TV shows on popular online channels. They have a proper support system with 24/7 live chat support. Therefore, the user must get access to PureVPN to stay connected to the 2000+ servers.

PureVPN for Router

One of the advantages of this is that it’s compatible with different devices such as routers and by using the VPN for routers, the user can easily secure all their devices using the Wi-Fi router. In this way, the user can easily access their favorite sites using the best PureVPN services.

In the same way, devices such as gaming consoles or set top boxes can be configured directly using the VPN. Using the router, the user can operate this device. Therefore, this VPN will allow a user to have the maximum benefits using the least populated servers.

Currently, PureVPN supports the following routers:

  • Linksys
  • Asus
  • Belkin
  • Tomato
  • DD-WRT
  • TRENDnet
  • Sabai
  • D-Link
  • NetGear Genie
  • TP-Link
  • MikroTik
  • Sitecom Gigabit

We inquired that if it is possible to use the VPN service if we don’t have a flash router or the ones specified above. Their customer support was very responsive and helpful as they provided us with a guide, enabling us to configure PureVPN on our router.

Speed tests of PureVPN

To check the performance, proper speed tests were conducted to verify the speed of the servers.

US Server without PureVPN

Servers located in the US reported the following ping and download speed while using the Internet without the VPN connection.

  • My IP Location: New York, US
  • Destination Server IP Location: Kansas, US

Speed Test 1

With PureVPN

After getting connected to PureVPN the following ping and download speed was noted.

  • My IP Location: New York
  • Destination Server IP Location: New York

VPN Speed Test 2

Ping was much lower and was a visible improvement while the upload speed was the same as before.

UK Server without PureVPN

In the UK based server, the following ping, download and upload speeds were noted without any PureVPN connection.

  • My IP Location: Maidenhead, England
  • Destination Server IP Location: Maidenhead, England

VPN Speed TestWith PureVPN

After using a VPN connection, the following ping, download and upload speeds were noted.

  • My IP Location: London, England
  • Destination Server IP Location: London, England

VPN Speed Test 4

I like the Ping I received from the PureVPN server, but the speed of downloading is still a bit suffering from slight changes.,

PureVPN seems to have solid speed and is a significant benefit for its users as the encryption level relies strongly upon the upload speed! The downloading speed is average or moderate and contacting the tech support can enhance this speed.

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Customer Support

They have strong tech support for all their users and give proper 24/7 support, FAQs and live chat support.

Reseller Support: I tested the responsiveness and effectiveness of their Support Ticket system, and I was delighted with the results.

The FAQs are thorough and provide needed information on wide-ranging queries related to payment, software queries, tech queries, a router VPN connection.

The Forum is pretty active, and PureVPN supports proper representation quite frequently to jump in and help concerned customers.

The 24/7 Live Chat: is the most successful support of PureVPN and is available 24/7 to all of its users. It offers immediate assistance to general queries and concerns. Small, medium or large sized problems are solved within a few seconds so that the user stays connected at all possible times!

PureVPN has gained full marks in catering the users as there is always someone available to serve them in case of any issue or problem! Although, there is still room for improvement, as compared to other VPN providers, it has the edge in terms of the quality of the customer support!

PureVPN Review on CNet

For our PureVPN assessment, we read the review of CNet and decided to include their feedback as well. Some comments will help you decide what to do!

A user commented on how he found PureVPN helpful for the unblocking purpose.

PureVPN Reviews on Google Play

To help our users, we have offered a few of the comments made on Google play to enable the user to get more idea and remove all sorts of confusion from their minds.

Some users needed information on the Kill Switch ability for the Android app, otherwise were in direct favor the PureVPN Android App.

PureVPN Google ReviewPureVPN Google Reviews


They give a tutorial to support the setup of the VPN connection of windows, Linux, HP web OS, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Boxee box etc. but custom VPN apps are provided for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android!

PureVPN Compatibility

A personal experience I had with the live chat support of PureVPN was when I went on their website to find the content on Xbox 360. Surprisingly, they had no content on that device and therefore, I contacted them for help. In about 60 seconds, I was provided with a URL for a PDF document having proper detailed information of XBOX 360. I felt heartwarming at that very moment.

PureVPN Internet Kill Switch

PureVPN also offers the ability to kill switch to stop an illegal activity from the path of the user. This option stops all the on-going online activity and protects you if your connection drops at any moment

This simply means that the data of the user will not travel anywhere except for staying at its own place. In addition, the secured protocol of the server will make sure this information stays leak proof in all directions. As soon as the user reconnects with the VPN, the entire paused data will be un-paused and will make sure the user gets where he or she was before the disconnection!

According to the PureVPN FAQ on the Internet Kill Switch, the feature is accessible from PureVPN client software. It can be activated/deactivated by checking the feature titled Activate Internet Kill Switch when VPN disconnects

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There are five protocols that PureVPN provides, which are; PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, OpenVPN and IKEv2. Nevertheless, when we talk about a user’s experience, then the case is not the same. The protocols in the drop-down menu in the PureVPN client was limited to PPTP, L2TP and SSTP.

Users need to communicate with the support center regarding the remaining protocols, and those users who need to use it on OpenVPN will need to have a proper setup of VPN connection by altering the internal configuration files, but IKEv2 will be manually connected. This clearly shows that PureVPN exaggerates the possibilities of the connection a little too much.


All the above-provided packages have 246-bit encryption. Apart from this PureVPN has more user-friendly set to help the user in every possible way. In this way, no matter what the package is, the user will get 246-bit encryption in all the three packages.

Something the website won’t tell is that they offer four categories of encryption settings to select from and once the installation of the free windows client is completed, users just need to go to settings for general security and find under the protection.

The drop-down menu for security will provide you with the following four encryption options:

  • Option 1: Encryption not Allowed (The server of the VPN will disconnect and the connection will be dropped  if you select this and the relevant VPN server requires proper encryption)
  • Option 2:  Optional Encryption (The presence of encryption will have no change on your VPN connected session)
  • Option 3: Involves Encryption (The VPN server will be disconnected resulting in a dropped VPN session if it disapproves your Encryption request)
  • Option 4: Full Strength Encryption (similar to the above case, the VPN connection will disconnected and drop your VPN connected session if it disapproves your request for Encryption)

It is undeniable that PureVPN does not need any sort of quantification of encryption at any point, but they do allow the user to use encrypted servers without any issue. I want to suggest you to use option 3 or 4 as doing anything else would not be so fruitful. Hence, for your own safety, do follow the same approach!

Policy Regarding Logs and Privacy

They follow the rule of no log policy and do not share any personal information about renting or using the user information.

Instead, they use browser cookies to make sure the user’s personal data stays invisible at all times!

The policies of data storage and protection explain that the personal data of the user remains safe unless the user itself allows the service provider to share its information to the third party. Even at this step, this information is handled with care by the authenticated staff of PureVPN for service running.

In the PureVPN policy page, something was not accurate. As stated by the VPN service data routing clause, they are responsible for compensating the temporarily unavailable servers and rerouting these connections with an alternative server in the same region or another country if possible at that particular time!

This does not seem feasible, and we suggest you to use the live chat for any assistance in facing issues of rerouting to unidentified servers of unknown locations!

Wrap Up

PureVPN is basically made up for users looking for a pocket-friendly VPN provider. Any user who does not have millions of dollars can easily avail this service as only a few dollars can change your life!

This VPN service is famous for offering good compatibility and user-friendly interface and on this point, they have my complete support! In light of the cost-effectiveness, the moderately good service quality seems quite reasonable, and it forms a complete package that results for a good return on investment.

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