PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile

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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG took the mobile gaming experience to the next level and was a great addition to battle royale games. However, now Call of Duty is drawing its road to give a great challenge to PUBG. COD is one of the most famous games around the world and each year millions of copies are sold. They both are providing a variety of multiplayer action and gameplay modes. But the question is that in the race of PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile, which mobile game will win?

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Graphics

PUBG Mobile runs on Unreal Engine, and on the other hand Call of Duty Mobile runs on the Unity engine. Unreal Engine is more photo-realistic compared to Unity engine. This difference can easily be seen in both the games. PUBG has better and more precise details than COD. The clarity can be seen while picking up guns from the battlefield. At times in COD mobile the guns kept on the ground cannot be seen clearly. Different types of ammunition cannot be identified in COD mobile, which is one considerable drawback.

Take a look at the game play of both these top android mobile games.

PUBG Gameplay

Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay

However, due to the high-end graphics, lags can be faced while using a low budget phone in PUBG. But in COD mobile, both expensive and small budget smartphones give the same graphics and performance. If we see COD mobile vs PUBG mobile in terms of graphics, then PUBG is definitely the winner.

In Call of Duty, one thing is pretty good. The environment is shown in a more better and realistic way.  There are windows, fences, and doors to break and smash while in PUBG mobile you don’t have much to destroy. In PUBG you only have doors to break, which makes COD mobile more dynamic and gives a better variety in the environment.

Other than that in COD mobile you get a better experience of the real world while entering houses. Call of Duty Mobile is inspired by World War settings and storylines. While playing this game, you actually get a feel of war, and you feel as if you are in a critical mission. On the other hand, PUBG has also done well in building the maps. However, in this Call of duty takes the win.

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Gameplay Modes

PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile offers a similar control layout with a variety of customization options. COD gives beginners an easy opportunity to shoot bullets automatically when pointing the crosshair to the target. This makes it easy for new beginners.

As Tencent is involved in both games, therefore, it is easy to understand why both games are so similar to each other in terms of layout and elements.

COD Mobile

PUBG is more like a battle royale which a variety of arcade modes. One hundred players parachute on the ground and search around for resources. You can choose from 4 different maps and start the battle to survive. For those who love zombies is an EvoGround map while you can also choose the Arcade mode where the number gets down to 28 players. In the Arcade mode, the map is smaller, less time, and fast. PUBG also offers sniper training which is just a part of the main game.

While on the other hand, In Call of Duty Mobile, there are modes including Multiplayer and Battleground. In Multiplayer, Frontline and Deathmatch are different team matches where you get a chance to play in a small map in a five vs five sets. Two other modes are Domination and Search and Destroy. In Domination, you will need to get key points on the map to win. In Search and Destroy, you need to destroy a location on the map or execute all your enemies.

PUBG gradually brought these options; however, COD mobile launched more dynamically. It also offers a more choice of maps. In COD mobile, you also get helicopters and the chance to revive your team players after they are dead. That is not possible in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Battleground

The battleground is the most popular model in the gaming world. Most of the controls are the same, but in COD mobile you will find something pretty unique. Every team player gets a chance to choose a unique skill. For instance, you can become a Medic, which is the healer, Ninja having the stealth moves a Mechanic getting drones or defender who gets to add a shield to protect the team. This gives a more in-depth gaming experience. In PUBG you play as a team with no unique skills. No leaders or individual responsibilities are given to any team player. According to items in your bags you can hold the responsibility to heal a player.

PUBG offers a variety of vehicles, including military jeeps, buggy, scooter, and tractors. However, in COD mobile you only get military-themed cars.

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Upgrades

PUBG Mobile

When it comes to upgrades, COD mobile is pretty different than PUBG. If you speak about PUBG, they offer you to upgrade with costumes, skins, and themes. When the games start, you look like a clown or wear a steampunk outfit.

In COD, the upgrades are different. You get an option to change the color of your suits or choose character styles. But you cannot choose your body features or clothes. When starting the game you get a knife and some skills to begin appropriately. In CODs Arcade mode you also have a choice to upgrade your weapons and load-outs.  

In both games, you can buy crates and skins, but there is no use of spending money on such things.

PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Further Details of Call of Duty

The gameplay is different in both games. PUBG Mobile is a standard game in which you parachute in, find your team players, fight and survive. In COD, you start with few weapons, gather and play with a range of skills, unlike PUBG. Both have maps, vehicles, airdrops, and decreasing game areas.


A lot of the things are similar in both games, like airdrops, ground vehicles, and maps with varied terrain and vehicles, and a decreasing game area.

But in Call of Duty, you get a range of exceptional and different weapons quickly, such as rifles, snipers, grenades, miniguns, UAV’s, rocket launchers and much more. UAVs are one great thing which helps you to find targets and attack. However, in PUBG at times you might get bored finding your teammates; it may also take as long as 20 minutes to find a team player. Such intense calm can create a scene of boredom for the player.

In both games, you will find similar movements, just a few more in COD.

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Which Is Better?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile has been popular for some time now, but now Call of Duty Mobile has hit the players and created considerable hype. All PUBG players will learn instantly know how to play Call of duty Mobile as the controls are almost the same.

If we compare both, then the arcade mode of Call of Duty is far better than PUBG. It gives a better experience to hunt, kill drones and to get closer to enemies. 

However, PUBG’s battle royale is still unbeatable. But the same concept is applied in COD as well. So it’s better to choose which one is better. If you want better graphics on a high-end phone than choosing PUBG is better. But if you are using a low budget phone and you want to avoid lags, then COD takes the win.

And in terms of a variety of weapons and upgrades, call of duty is better. It all depends on which type of player is playing o which device the game will be downloaded. In the race of PUBG vs COD I believe that COD takes the lead and gives a great challenge to PUBG.

However, due to the addiction of PUBG mobile, it is being banned in many nations like India, Bangladesh and other countries. In order to play PUBG in such countries you’ll need a VPN for PUBG.

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