Count Down Has Begun: PS5 Is Releasing In 2020!

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PS5 2020

Yes! You heard it right, all the rumours, grapevine, and gossip turned out to be true. Sony has confirmed the release of your favourite console. PS5 is all set to release somewhere between October and December in 2020. It seems like there will be a colossal battle between PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett for 2020.

However, a recent leak has told that PS5 might release on February 2020 at Playstation Meeting 2020. Previously in an interview with Wired, Cerny it was disclosed that PS5 would not be released until April 2020.

Anyways, we know PS5 is ready to entertain you in 2020!

The PS5 release is final, but what we know about it so far?

PS5 is not only a graphical update but is all ready to redefine a few aspects of a console. Sony has made it clear that it will change the way of storage. The players will now be allowed to download either single-player or multiplayer versions of the games, based on their choices, instead of downloading the whole game. PS5 will boot a game much faster, when transverse in an open world-game.

Mark Cerny, the system architect, told Wired that:

“Rather than treating games like a big block of data, we’re allowing finer-grained access to the data.”

Another surprise which has gained heat is the PS5 controller. The console’s controllers are designed in a way to give a more realistic feel to the player. PS5 features haptic feedback, better battery life, speakers and a USB-C port. The first two haptic controllers are called “ key innovations.” The triggers will let the players feel a sensation of a pulling an arrow back on a bow. Before you get excited, know that these features will work accordingly if the game developers take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology. Sony is trying to give the gaming a whole new look. Let’s see what else PS5 has in the box for us! How far can the developers use these advantages, this an entirely new domain. For now, let’s get excited about PS5.

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