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Rivipedia Privacy Policy

We at give qualified reviews at our site and receive compensation from the companies whose services and products we review. We personally test each service and product to provide accurate reviews. We are owned independently and have our personal opinions.

We are entirely aware of the fact that this can sometimes be a bit sensitive area and for this reason, we want to clarify that all our reviews and guides are only offered for general information. We do not promote, ignore or encourage any illegal or criminal activity, that could damage or harm another individual.

Other individuals may post, comment or contribute to our website. We openly welcome all the contributions who wish to write for us, but we do not take responsibility for the views or comments posted by other individuals. Everyone has their own opinions and certainly are not representing the views of

Terms and Conditions

  • Service Provider

Rivipedia is a part of a network of sites of which all rights are reserved. Our objective may change in future to comply with any European regulations in order to operate on the new technologies and offering you a better experience in terms of the services provided.

  • Modifications

From time to time, Rivipedia can modify its services offered for example; it may alter its services by adding or removing any service provider without any prior notification.

  • External Service Providers

Rivipedia cooperates with third-party providers to make our services available in different regions..

  • User’s Account Safety

You as a user are solely responsible for the safety of your password and user ID. Do change your password on a regular basis. Do not disclose your personal information to the third parties (Username and Password). You are also responsible for the activities related to your user account in case of any trouble or issue.

  • Your Responsibility

You as a user are merely not allowed to use our services for criminal offences, sexual self-determination, and engagement in violent acts, breach of intellectual property rights, insult offences or other illegal actions. You are the only one responsible for the actions you take. Rivipedia does not take any responsibility for your actions.

Rivipedia has the right to restrict or suspend access to its main website in case of any illegal act committed by a user.

  • Disclaimer

Rivipedia provides no warranty at all for the services of its affiliates. Rivipedia is not liable in any case of damage occurred on the exposure of the service. Moreover, Rivipedia gives no warranty on the availability of specific features and does not take responsibility for the services offered.

  • Cookies

In the event that you leave a comment on our webpage, you may pick into sparing your name, email address and site in cookies. These are for your benefit with the goal that you don’t need to fill in your details again when you leave another comment in the future. These cookies will remain for one year.

Other then that, all cookies that we keep are for your benefits and we will never use it for any illegal action.