Practice Tests for Cisco 300-420: The Most Popular Questions About This Certification Exam

Practice Tests for Cisco 300-420: The Most Popular Questions About This Certification Exam

Cisco 300-420is part of the requirements for obtaining the CCNP Enterprise certificate. It is also a prerequisite for Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Design. The exam is designed to evaluate the candidates’ skills and knowledge of enterprise design, such as network services, advanced routing& addressing solutions, security services, advanced enterprise campus networks, WAN, and SDA.

What is the Cisco 300-420 certification exam?

With the new generation of the certification tests, Cisco seems to have taken the path of Microsoft in not releasing the exact number of questions to expect but, thankfully, you can have an idea of the time limit. So, Cisco 300-420 ENSLD is a 90-minute exam that is available in the English and Japanese languages.

To register for this certification test, the applicants are expected to log into their Pearson VUE accounts and select the ‘Proctored Exams’ option before choosing Cisco 300-420. You can then follow the promptings to complete your registration and scheduling for the test.

What are the topics of the Cisco 300-420 certification exam?

Cisco 300-420 evaluates one’s knowledge and skills in five different domains, namely Advanced Addressing & Routing Solutions (25%); Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks (25%); WAN for Enterprise Networks (20%); Network Services (20%); and Automation (10%). Each of these parts covers different knowledge areas.

The scope of the exam topics has to do with a lot of components. This includes the creation of scalable, stable, and secure routing design for a range of platforms, such as IPv4 & IPv6, IS-IS, OSPF, EIGRP, and BGP. It also covers various migration strategies for IPv6 as well as the relevant skills for designing campus networks required for high availability. The skillset in creating campus Layer 2 and multi-campus Layer 3 infrastructure is also part of what the candidates should know before attempting the Cisco 300-420test. Moreover, SD-Access architecture and SD-Access fabric design for wired & wireless access are covered under the content of the exam.WAN connectivity methods, site-to-site VPN design, high availability design for enterprise WAN, Cisco SD-WAN architecture, and design considerations also form the objectives that should be understood before attempting this certification exam. The ability to choose the appropriate strategies for QoS with the goal of meeting the customers’ requirements is another skill that one must develop prior to taking Cisco 300-420 ENSLD.

Cisco 300-420 also gauges the relevant skills in designing end-to-end QoS policies and network management techniques. It also evaluates competence in the understanding of multicast routing concepts and the design of multicast services. It is imperative to have skills in choosing the appropriate YANG data model set according to specific requirements. The applicants also need to be able to differentiate between a wide range of models, including Cisco native YANG models, Open config, and IETF, as well as RESTCONF and NETCONF.

The understanding of these topics is very critical to your success, so don’t neglect to master them.

How can you prepare for the Cisco 300-420 certification exam?

Your understanding of the process involved in the implementation of enterprise networking solutions is a requirement for this test, and that is why Cisco recommends that you have 3-5 years of work experience in this field. In addition to the years of hands-on experience, you also need to develop theoretical knowledge that will help you answer the questions appropriately. This knowledge can be gained directly from the learning of the exam topics. In this section, we’ll look at some basic steps that you can take to enhance the effectiveness of your preparation for the Cisco 300-420 certification test.

Use the recommended official resources

Cisco recommends that the candidates for Cisco 300-420 take the official Cisco training course (Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks: ENSLD). You can find the link to this training on the exam webpage. In addition to this, there is also the link to sample questions that you can prepare with on the same page.

Watch free video tutorials

There are many video tutorials that have been created for the Cisco 300-420 exam. Most of them are free, and they have a wealth of information to offer you. It is recommended that you take advantage of these free study tools to prepare. You’ll find amazing resources online when you take your time to go through them.

Visit the Prep away website

This platform offers extensive preparation tools for your certification exam. You will find loads of video training courses, brain dumps, practise tests, study guides, and a host of other study materials for various tests that will significantly help with your preparation. Moreover, you can also get an exam simulator. And you can get a lot of free prep tools on the site, or if you want the premium package, you can purchase it for $39.99.

Why should you choose the Cisco 300-420 certification exam?

The IT industry has become highly competitive for professionals. To stand out and have an advantage, any specialist must go the extra mile to distinguish himself/herself from the competitors. The best way to achieve this is by earning a certificate that fits your job role and career goals.

For those individuals who are building a career in the domain of Cisco products, obtaining a credential from this company is a great way to establish their credibility and proof to the employers that they have what it takes to deliver on the job. You also demonstrate that you are committed to learning and developing the required skills in the industry. Cisco 300-420 also establishes your competence in enterprise design, which is a significant selling point for your career in the domain of Enterprise Networks.

Final thoughts

The fact is that there can be no better time to pursue a Cisco certification than now. You must be deliberate about your goal and create a foolproof plan that will make you achieve it. And then, eventually, you will get the desired certificate and the relevant skills to impress not only your employer or colleagues but also yourself.

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